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Beware of copycat websites, check out the National Trading Standards video guide to copy cats and how to avoid them. Feel free to share this with your followers.

#caturday2013   #caturdaynight  
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Infographic about the problem of copycat web sites. #caturday2013   #caturdayeveryday   #catlovers   #caturdaynight  
Copycat web site infographic
Copycat web site infographic
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#caturday2013   #catsrule   #catsallovertheworld  

Hi everyone have a look at the National Trading Standards eCrime Team's online video guide to #copycatwebsites    and how to avoid them. 

Please feel free to share it and help spread the word. There are still some copycat web sites out there waiting to lure unsuspecting consumers.
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Gosh been away from Google+ for a while and just come back to see big changes. Its amazing how much it has changed in such a short space of time.
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Love these morphing gifs #faces   #gif   #gifs  
Face Fusion - How many faces do you see?
#faces   #gif   #animatedgif   #gifanimation   #Monday  
Animated Photo
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Well done +Luke Mulvey 
Last leg of our trip, here's the tally so far:
3,150 miles 
16 states
4 states on old Route 66 
10 days
9 nights
2 happily married men
2 dogs, well-rested and well-fed
3 hotel complaints for barking :)
10 gas tank refills
12 hours (longest time on the road in a single day)
40+ hours of music on 4 playlists
3 blinding rain storms
9 gifts
0 speeding tickets
Unknown number of social media posts (a lot)
Unknown number of bugs in the grill (a ton ... gross) 
#xcountrytrip   #lmroute66  
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So true....
Originally shared by ****
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Some great brain exercises from +Marilyn Ritter 
Push Ups for Your Brain

Think of your brain as a muscle. It's needs exercise and challenges.  Here are 9 ways to to improve your memory & make you smarter:

1. Explore Your Weaknesses  
It's not what you think.  Challenge yourself to work at times that aren't in your pattern. Morning people try tackling a task at night. 

2. Play memory games.
Love this. We do online crosswords. There so many choices.

3. Use mnemonics.  
They work and they stretch your mind.  Feels so good to have names like Laura (the Lawyer) right there in a chance meeting. 

4. Raise your eyebrows.
How easy is this? It opens your eyes resulting in a slight adrenaline boost. 

5. Read books that push your boundaries.  
Branch out. Get smarter.  Get out of your reading rut. 

6. Try new hobbies.
I like this one.  Any new mechanical maps new territory in your brain. New associations, new information, new routines – what's not to like? 

7. Eat better.
You know you should. Enough said. Lots of resources on G+!

8. Exercise.
Step away from the computer. Do it often and vigorously.  Make it fun!

9. Get enough sleep.  
Just do it. You'll thank yourself.

Thanks +Mike Michalowicz

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Great story from Mashable
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Love this. Great for #sciencesunday   #scienceforkids   #science  
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