for any social media peeps working in Melbourne NGOs´╗┐
Attn: Social media people working in Melbourne NGOs (Domestic and International).

In 2012, I am excited to lead the Melbourne chapter of NetSquared ( I go in to planning events, I wanted to get your take as to what you see as most beneficial to yourself, your company or other Melbourne NGOs. Here are some ideas:

1. Informal events like #socialmelb but with an NGO focus to allow for networking and community building.
2. Formal events with speakers covering different topics - strategy, policy, new fb changes. Yes this might mean I'd contact you to present :)
3. An online event at a fixed time (possible twitter chat with hashtag) to discuss different topics
4. A distinct online space (facebook list or other forum) for regular discussion points, provocative questions/answers and sharing articles
5. A resource for finding talented freelancers to work on your social media projects (video, infographics, pictures)
6. insert your idea here
7. Nothing, Richenda you are annoying me go away.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts. This will determine April's NetSquared event´╗┐
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