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David Bradford
Fitness editor / journalist
Fitness editor / journalist

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Hunger close to home
Food banks in Lewes, the town of Bill's breakfasts, artisan loaves
and gourmet everything? There must be some mistake... surely? My weekly food shop (just for me – I’ve no
dependents) usually comes to about £65. It must be affordable, since I rarely
check t...

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Land of Mo-hope and bygone glory
1984 Britain was a global force in marathon running, complete with the
world record and an Olympic medal. Now, 30 years later, we pin all our
hopes on one man who’s yet to make his debut. What went wrong, and can
we ever return our winning ways? Phot...

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Break it to me gently, doctor, how long have I got?
A notice on the wall of my GP’s surgery reads, “Do not discuss more than one problem per appointment. Remember, you are allotted only 10 minutes.” It was a message reiterated to my dad during a consultation in early 2011 when he mentioned a second concern: ...
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