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It's resolution time.  A time when many people try to lose weight and get healthy.  Most don't succeed.  They may do well for a month or two, or maybe six, but the vast majority give up and eventually put back on all the weight they may have lost.  Most peo...

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I am going to be talking to Phil Johnson on AM1150 today about testosterone.  Low T seems to be becoming more common than it used to be.  We have to careful to not mistake common for normal. (1)   A gradual decrease in Testosterone is a normal part of aging...

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Good Week for Saturated Fat!!
Saturated fat has had some good press the last couple weeks.  Dr. Perlmutter was on the Dr. Oz show extolling the benefits of butter.  BMJ published a review article by British cardiologist Asseem Malholta in which he states that saturated fat and cholester...

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Re Post: why nutrition science is so bad
I am posting this article again to put it on the front page as I will be talking to Phil on 1150 am about it today.   When I first started looking into nutritional science, I was
shocked at how badly it was done.      To
be fair, nutrition science if very

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Artificial Eggs??
Saw this article yesterday about artificial eggs. I got me thinking how they are made. We have been told eating animal products ...
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