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Tomorrow I'm running the First Coast Parkinson's Run in memory of my Daddy, +Zack Meredith​ who died last year. Daddy was legally blind all my life but he never let that stop him from getting around. He walked me to school in elementary and often to the Roy Roger for a sundae after, a couple mile round trip. He taught me that you could and should walk if you could see your destination from where you stood. He used the Reston bus system to get groceries and other necessities for the less mobile people in his retirement home. He walked every morning to the local coffee shop and knew everyone along the way. Parkinson's first stole that from him when he could not lift his feet enough to walk on the brick Plaza anymore. Then it quickly left him unable to leave his apartment without risking a bad fall. He couldn't eat his favorite foods because he was unable to swallow. I had never really thought about Parkinson's Disease until I watched what Daddy went through. Nothing is worse than having your mobility taken away. So tomorrow I run. And I'll remember running with Daddy to catch a bus. #FirstCoastParkinsonsRun #cureforparkinsons 

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This is the song that came to me this Resurrection Sunday. He is risen! Give thanks in all things. #easter #resurrectionsunday #ChristIsRisen 

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We're #6! I appreciate them admitting we're overlooked. Jacksonville is a great city. #ilovejax

6. Jacksonville, Florida

Miami gets most of the attention, but its north Florida rival has developed its own enticing blend of culture, cuisine, and beaches. Jacksonville features historic neighborhoods such as San Marco and Springfield, crammed with bars, boutiques, and hip restaurants. It is also home to the exceptional Cummer Museum of Art and one of America’s best jazz festivals (May 25–28 this year).

Jacksonville Beach supports a thriving surf culture, while authentic “fish camps”, such as Clark’s, and signature snacks, such as the “camel rider” (pita sandwich stuffed with cold cuts) add culinary appeal.

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+Meirav M.​ I'm really hoping you've seen this already but just in case... #cuteanimaltweetoff

And for the rest of you, too.

h/t +Kat M​ and others... 

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How has this been missing from my life?! 
And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

I'm going to do my absolute best to either stay offline or keep quiet for the next few days.

But before then, for the record, you're ALL wrong and acting childish. #livefree 

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Still in need. 
I'm going to the emergency room now. My infection has returned with a vengeance.

Please donate to help me through this most difficult time.

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Bought Venti a present. Adapters for the 8 million micro USB cables I already have.

So far I'm in love with the fingerprint reader. The battery life is acceptable. The screen and camera are gorgeous. It's a beautiful phone in general.
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