My Hi-Tech recording setup for the Easy Beats 2 tutorial video. In the past I have always used a screen recording of using the iPhone simulator on my computer. EB2 uses a lot of pinching zooms that I just can't do with a mouse, so I rigged up this amazing interface :-).

iPhone 4 attached to some sort of cake spatula I found. This in turn is bound to a container of coffee.

The iPad 2 has a headphone splitter inserted with the two outputs going to a pair of headphones and the input jack on a computer. This way I can actually hear what I am playing and record a quality version of the sound.

Random stuff in the background is various generations of iPhone hardware and an old Egg Flipper that didn't make it in the cut-throat world of iOS app videography.
EasyBeats 2 Video Recording July 8, 2011 (4 photos)
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