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Just found out that someone is violating the GPL license used by +gobandroid by selling the app in +Google Play without any attribution / GPL notice
What an A*H** - For more than 2€ - the very old tiny version and even without skins 
I attached a screenshot with gobandroid tiny showing the same situation that (s)he uses to promote the app
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Seems like no one bought the app.. But still a pity sad attempt..
+Michael Markefka yea I reported them - at least this is a good thing that I learn about this process ;-)

Thanks for reaching out to us.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have completed
processing your infringement complaint. 

The following applications have been removed from Google Play:

Please let us know if we can assist you further.


The Google Team
Great news! Probably need to watch out for it popping up under a different name now.
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