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Melanie Schielder
I’m a Constitutional Patriotic American
I’m a Constitutional Patriotic American

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Paying Michelle Obama?
Ok before I start this blog I want everyone to know I nothing against this woman, besides the facts of her getting everything she wants, taking world class vacations any time she wants, and many other things she gets FOR FREE (Besides the fact that tax paye...

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FDA ban on E-Cigs, Tobacco Companies, vapor cigarettes  

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The "REAL" truth about E-Cigs
In the most recent two weeks their have been many articles
about the FDA filing motions to have the E-Cig banned for one reason or
another, from this place or that place. However, let's take a closer look at
what's really trying to be accomplished, and why ...

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America will be inundated with half a million jihadists.
I knew it would only be a matter of time before America would
be inundated with thousands of Muslim refugees, I didn’t however think it would
be 500 thousand. That’s the number of Muslim refugees Obama will be granting asylum
to from Syria, and I knew he wo...

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U.S. Constitution forced into the trash?
That’s what Obama has been pushing for from day one
of his time in office five years ago. I must say he has been doing a marvelous
job, and to think we all hated Bush for what he did. Obama has taken the cake,
even more so then what Carter had done with his...

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Foodstamps vs Patriotism
By now we all know what happen when the food stamp program
had a “glitch” earlier this month, but some feel it was actually a “dry run” to
see what people on food stamps will do if they no longer have food stamps. Now
people are claiming riots will happen i...

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History according to Muslims.
While I don't consider myself a religious lady, I also at the same time
don't think of myself as a full blooded atheist. I believe in evolution, but I
have witnessed certain unexplained events that have happen to me personally in
my life. It has brought up ...

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Obama showing excatly who he's in bed with.
I was sent a post on face book from a family member, and at first I thought it was a joke. However after doing my own research I now know why Congress has stalled on approving "Obama-Care" I mean afterall they just recently turned down a bill sent to them b...

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Women that drive are at RISK?
This is the craziest thing I have ever heard any Muslim man claim in defense of Sharia Law, I mean how absurd is this mans reasoning? I had to read this, however I couldn't help but laugh the entire time I read it, even now it's funny to think of what Islam...

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