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Real Secrets of Yogic Nutrition
Real Secrets of Yogic Nutrition Eat alkaline. Consume raw food as much as possibe. Take less salt other than naturally contained in vegetables. Drink running water, pure spring water is the best. Take your food as a blessing.  Eat herbs such as Ashwagandha,...

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Release people’s energy
Stay centered and grounded by connecting within your spiritual real self. Imagine that your body is clear and translucent like clear glass or water to pass anything, such as invalidation by others, right through you. Visualize and own your personal aura spa...

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Play Games to Win Bitcoins
Bitcoin Games is an online casino that exclusively uses the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. They offer anonymous and instant registration, and offer several popular games. Their game style is based off of the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas. No registrati...

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❄❄STEPS TO BUY mCAPS ✅❄❄ ➡Step 1: Click on the link ➡Step 2: Click on REGISTER button when the link opens ➡Step 3: Fill up the details: Name, genuine Email, Phone number with code, UserName (as you wish), ...

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Is your workplace adding to Global Warming?
Let us start with a simple fact. The Earth is running around Sun at a speed of 30 kilometers per second. But, we sitting in the office, feel we are static sitting at one place. Yes, we are static but with respect to the earth. In a way, we are already out o...

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Science of Getting Rich!
Only sure shot and easiest way to get wealthy is give away the money to people from whom you derive spiritual inspiration. Or, give it to any causes you like, something that connects you with joy, something that connects you with divinity. Do it with the fe...

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Switch to positive emotions to heal your body
Check your emotions. Do you need any more reasons if you already have any of below symptoms. Pain in the Head - Headache: Release the stress. Relax. Pain In the Neck: Forgive self and others. Consider the things you love about people. Pain In the Shoulders:...

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Difference between a Guru and a Teacher!!!!!!!
1. A teacher takes responsibility for your growth. A Guru makes you responsible for your growth. 2.A teacher gives you things you do not have and require. A Guru takes away things you have and do not require. 3. A teacher answers your questions. A Guru ques...

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Medicines by the generics (Ingredients)
This is to inform you that medicines are prescribed (by doctors) by brand name & not by the generics (Ingredients). Hence we end up paying more money for the same medicine. Follow these few steps to know more & start saving on your medical bills. 1. Simply ...

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14 Great Tips for Improving How You Digest Life : by Louise Hay
  These are a list of tips that you can follow to be kind to yourself, love yourself more, and learn to feel safe. Pick one thing that feels good to you from the list below and practice it each day. 👉Continue your mirror work and affirmations. 👉Kiss your ...
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