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Stanislas Herman Rusinsky
Happy father, pragmatic ideator and conceptualist, software developer, debuting entrepreneur
Happy father, pragmatic ideator and conceptualist, software developer, debuting entrepreneur

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Post has attachment at the Heron tower - hacking some clojure - thanks to Salesforce

"@wilkieii: Ruby:
false | nil (false)
false || nil (nil)
nil || false (false)
true && nil (nil)
nil && true (nil)
false | 1 (true)
1 | false (TypeError)"

I thought of you +Guillaume BINET

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Google engineers are no longer sure how their #deeplearning system thinks, it is thinking for itself in ways beyond human programming.

"This means that for some things, Google researchers can no longer explain exactly how the system has learned to spot certain objects, because the programming appears to think independently from its creators, and its complex cognitive processes are inscrutable."

I am not terrified in the slightest, are you?

#machinelearning #artificialintelligence #machineintelligence #artificiallife #life #intelligence  

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Pour ceux que la course automobile intéresse, je LT les Total 24h de Spa sur @spa24hours; sans compter les posts mis en ligne sur la page Total: 

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What do you think of this event proposal? Would you join? What practicalities fit you best? We understand many of you might still be on holiday, but some urgency was required.

Android 5 years!

On November 5th Android will see its 5th birthday. To celebrate this, Google developer- and technology user group leaders in Europe have announced the "V Hack Android" hackathon (pronounced "We Hack Android").

V Hack Android Brussels

The idea is to let every country organize a local hackathon where teams of exactly 3 people (2 Android developers and 1 UI/UX expert) will create an app from scratch. The plan is to schedule the Brussels "V Hack Android" hackathon at the end of September. The winning Brussels team, selected by a jury, will win a trip to the final hackathon in London, to be held in the weekend of Friday 26th - Sunday 28th of October, right after Droidcon London. There, the best teams of Europe will continue to polish and improve their apps until one best-of-the-best winner survives.

Hackathon weekend

The weekend would start Friday evening with introductions and SCRUM, and continue through Saturday until Sunday evening. Food is included. Access is free, but limited to participating developers and designers only. No audience. Also no hangouts this time. Teams are self-organizing and are free to choose/pitch the idea they will develop on (within bounds). No need to have a team to join.

DevFest Brussels

On that Friday, during the day from 10h to 18h, we would bring Google's acclaimed conference program, DevFest, to Brussels for the first time. We'd have a few speakers, and we're going to dig up the best recorded sessions from for instance Google I/O. Entry is €50. In between sessions, business and idea people are encouraged to publicly pitch commercial ideas so they can be picked up by the developers and designers.


We would really like to hear your thoughts about:
- Nightly programming. Do or don't?
- Location: The library in Genk (beautiful location with good public transport and highway connection, and amenities). Or a location in Brussels?
- Exact dates: 
    - 14-16 Sept.
    - 28-30 Sept.
    - 12-14 Oct.
You can reply in public via our many channels, or privately by sending us an email or DM.

Help spread the word

If you yourself are not interested, but know a good (team of) Android expert(s), born for challenges like this, then please make them aware of this event by sharing.

Help us find sponsors

The first prize is sending the winning team to London. To finance this prize we need to attract some sponsors. If your company would like to sponsor this event send an e-mail to us.

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Jini has registered for the Accenture Innovation Awards. Click the link and share that page to other networks to increase our chances of winning the Audience award!

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Coursera adds 6 more courses including a course on Big Data (from IIT Delhi and IIIT Delhi) beginning on August 27th

Coursera increased its boutique of courses from 111 to 117. Except the big data course, all other courses are from University of Washington. The following courses have been added:

Web Intelligence and Big Data
This course is about building `web-intelligence' applications exploiting big data sources arising social media, mobile devices and sensors, using new big-data platforms based on the 'map-reduce' parallel programming paradigm.
Instructor: Gautam Shroff - IIT Delhi and IIIT Delhi
Start Date: 27 August 2012
Length: 10 weeks

Introduction to Computer Networks
The Internet is a computer network that millions of people use every day. Understand the design strategies used to solve computer networking problems while you learn how the Internet works.
Instructor: Arvind Krishnamurthy, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan - University of Washington
Start Date: 28 January 2013
Length: 10 weeks

Introduction to Data Science
Join the data revolution. Companies are searching for data scientists. This specialized field demands multiple skills not easy to obtain through conventional curricula. Introduce yourself to the basics of data science and leave armed with practical experience programming massive databases.
Instructor: Bill Howe - University of Washington
Start Date: NA
Length: NA

Programming Languages
Investigate the basic concepts behind programming languages, with a strong emphasis on the techniques and benefits of functional programming. Use the programming languages ML, Racket, and Ruby in ways that will teach you how the pieces of a language fit together to create more than the sum of the parts. Gain new software skills and the concepts needed to learn new languages on your own.
Instructor: Dan Grossman - University of Washington
Start Date: January 2013
Length: NA

The Hardware/Software Interface
Examines key computational abstraction levels below modern high-level languages.
Instructor: Gaetano Borriello, Luis Ceze - University of Washington
Start Date: Winter 2013
Length: NA

Computational Neuroscience
Understanding how the brain works is one of the fundamental challenges in science today. This course will introduce you to basic computational techniques for analyzing, modeling, and understanding the behavior of cells and circuits in the brain. You do not need to have any prior background in neuroscience to take this course
Instructor: Rajesh Rao, Adrienne Fairhall - University of Washington
Start Date: Spring 2013 
Length: 10 weeks

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Meet Emma, the girl with the magic arms.

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Not enough words to explain what I feel looking at this.

h/t: +Vishnu Suresh 

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