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Blogging & Child Themes

It's been a couple of months since I last did a post here. I've been busy coming up with a positive gameplan to move into the rest of 2017. After letting my WordPress theme site go back in February, I've taken the last couple of months to FINALLY relax after several years of not getting any time off.

Now it's time to get back to work being as I am now refreshed and ready to go. I am now working on two projects, the first is my blog which will focus on helping you setup and manage your website whether you are on WordPress or Joomla. The other project is related to the top 3 default WordPress themes. Hint....designing child themes!

Amazing what late nights and coffee does....Although I am working on setting up a blog to help people are new to setting up a website, whether it's on WordPress or Joomla, I just thought of something...

I had one of those "HEY!" moments and immediately went to do some preliminary research through Google...and it relates to the default themes of WordPress. Something that I've not seen done yet, but I won't be saying anything right now :)

It looks as though I might be running two websites, but this second idea is just something not to ignore.

I think I need more coffee! Better yet, a Venti Hazelnut Mocha!

Getting ready for a vacation...much needed after working 6 years :)

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I have to say these are exceptional mock-ups for any designer....the best I've seen.

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I have to say, these mockups are the best I've seen. 

I was recently asked what rem means when they got one of my WordPress themes and saw the font sizes using that attribute. They were not sure how to convert to px so they can understand the sizing. This online tool will help:
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