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Usher Glass making movie - 松徳うすはりグラス

very fascinated !  #crafsmanship

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WIN THIS TETU KETTLE! Join our mailing list before the 4th of November and go in the draw to win (don't worry, if you are on our mailing list - you're already in the draw) This Kettle is amazing! Please share with your loved ones.

Finished by 10th of Nov.  Announcement of the winner to follow ...

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Yokota company (Japan) has been making a specialty silk and cotton thread since 1901.
stunning colors,high quality and hard hand-stitching thread.

“on a simple peace of cloth,or the edge of curtain.
use some thread to bring things closely together,or to embroider a splash of color.
A simple peace of thread can brighten up any room. ”


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Cleaver and sophisticated sewing set by Daruma & Syuro


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Kihara Komon Plates Set. 

#Japanese   #porcelain #indigo  dyed #emblem  

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Exciting News !!! 
AAA's showroom open Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 1:30. Any other day can be viewed by appointment. Please swing by and check it our beautiful gems. We'd like to see you in person ! !

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#Showroom Open !   Aug, 2014

Level 2, 36 Custom St, East Britomart, Auckland

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Fukuoka Koishiwara-yaki #pottery

Produced by throwing wheels then applying slip then decorated with traditional techniques like tobikanna, hakeme and kushime. The glazes are made from natural materials from Koishiwara.

Available at online -

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Okinawa Yachimun #pottery

It is developed under the influence of porcelain techniques from mainland Japan and neighboring Asian countries.
Kilns have been active for over 300 years.

Craftsman've been using beautiful traditional design and pleasant colors as Okinawa is tropical island. 
Yachimun is widely used for everyday wares.

Available at online -

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Okinawa Noodle and rice by Kishimono, Okinawa
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