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Christopher Lynn
Hotelier ~ Sales & Marketing ~ Boston Sports Fan ~
Hotelier ~ Sales & Marketing ~ Boston Sports Fan ~

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Travel and Relive Yesterday and Tomorrow:

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Electric Funk version of I Can't Go For That. Live from Daryl's House = Great Show
First, let me say "Thank you". The outpouring of warmth and love has been frankly overwhelming. I love you all. 

Second, I'm not going to comment on what's next yet. 

But I will tell you what I'm doing right now. I'm listening to this song. I'm really into the Canadian group Chromeo. Here is a video I found on +YouTube that combines Chromeo with Daryl Hall. This is music :-)

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Worth a Read: Excellent approach to presenting the path to offering superior hospitality.

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Most future science is awesome in some way. BMW Laser Lights are awesome in every way!
BMW Laser Lights
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Justin Timberlake: A Lesson in Crisis Management: Be Honest, Speak from the Heart, Be Contrite, Take Responsibility (even if you had nothing to do with it): 

+Google Maps offers the most convenient feature... the ability to send directions or an address directly to your car's gps/computer. Find an address, click Send To and select your vehicle model followed by your account name. 

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[Question] What's the best app for viewing Excel and PDF email attachments in the iPhone? (Must keep the Excel formatting).

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[Reading] Starbucks Hits Single Serve Market. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the Keurig/Starbucks negotiations to sell Starbucks K Cups last year. You have to imagine this was discussed. A non-compete...No? It has to be a bit of a shock to Green Mountain.

Full Disclosure: I'm a loyal Keurig customer and consumer. My business has a business relationship with Keurig.
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