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For Caturday!

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Good read!

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How to wake up earlier & do more stuff
And no, it’s not about going to bed earlier… although that helps. At the core of being able to get up early in the morning and actually connect before you have your first cup of coffee is the desire to be awake. Have you ever been so excited about the events of the following day that you had no problems waking up before your alarm and feeling fresh and alert despite being short of sleep?  Basically, being excited about life is what makes your brain switch on faster after a long time of idleness, having something to look forward to is what does it. 

Getting a great job to look forward to every single day is probably a dream of every and each one of us but, in reality, a job is a job. The majority of us have jobs we definitely do not look  forward to so the treasured sleep is something we don’t want to end prematurely, not even five minutes before we absolutely have to. There are others way to get that spark and the extra time in the beginning of your day, though, like starting a routine that will get you excited and make you want to get up. Going for an early morning run or playing a game before work can be that routine, for example. It’s up to you what this exciting activity will be but it has to be something you really enjoy and want to do.

Even if you are an owl and go to bed late it’ll still work – you’ll be cutting back on sleep and reclaiming the most and the best time for living. Sleep is such a waste of time.

Why start your day earlier than you have to? Because that’s life – having time for yourself and things you enjoy doing apart from work, chores and other responsibilities that tend to just pile up on top of you throughout the entire day/week/year. If you haven’t got the time to do things you love – make time, cut back on things you can cut back on. Starting a day doing something you truly enjoy is starting your day on a high and being more satisfied with yourself by the end of it even if short of sleep. 

Some people can sleep over eight hours a day and still feel tired. This well may be the disconnect of the brain from the reality you live in. If you make your life exciting enough there will be no time or need for that much sleep.

You’ll want to be awake for the life you design for yourself. You might be short of sleep but you’ll surely feel more alive, more with it and more satisfied with your life overall. 

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At Google, speed is key. Google Business Analysts and Engineers alike create solutions at an incredible pace. In this video from our Do Cool Things That Matter series, Matt Dooling tells the story of how we brought Google Fiber, the ultra-fast internet service, to Kansas City residents. Learn what he loves about working at Google speed.

If you'd like to view opportunities on our Technical Infrastructure team, please visit:

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ALot of this going around ATM.
Google + Rocks  #googleplusrocks  

+1 and share 

Actually today i have shared a  collection of photos about g+ (  , but this one is a so funny too ))))  so i cant post this later . 

see the  older posts   -

#google #googleplus #gif #funny #fun #facebook #googleplusrocks   #sharepublic  
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#ifihadglass  I would show people the world!!

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#IfIHadGlass If I get the invite I will give away a brand new Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV to one of my resharers. Random drawing to decide the winner. USA shipping only!!!

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With the Broseph!! Look at those magic cards!!

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Facebook breaking the web!
Yesterday, Facebook suddenly redirected half the internet to itself, Hulu, Pinterest, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, most of LA times, The Guardian just to name a few of the big ones were all affected ... pretty much most sites with a Facebook widget on their pages, but not all 

The incident lasted for about 30 minutes, during which any visitor going to any one of these sites would instead be redirect to Facebook.

Facebook fixed the bug and issue this statement: "For a short period of time, there was a bug that redirected people logging in with Facebook from third-party sites to The issue was quickly resolved, and Login with Facebook is now working as usual."

I'm sorry Facebook. That's just not good enough. As a publisher, I cannot accept that a 3rd party site can redirect my traffic either on purpose or by mistake.

That is simply a potential risk that I cannot accept to have. There is a lot of things that we cannot control online. But one thing I do want to control is that when people decide to come to my site, a 3rd party is not allowed to get in their way.

Here is the strange part though. worked just fine, but redirect to Facebook. Both use Facebook widgets. So why did one work when the other failed?

And more importantly, is there something that I and other publishers could do to prevent this from ever happening again, regardless of how many bugs Facebook might make in the future?

The answer is yes. How you implement these social widgets makes a big difference. 

When you go to Facebook you are being presented with four ways:

- HTML5+Javascript
- XFBML+Javascript
- IFrame

The URL is just a piece of text and can never do any harm, but what about the rest? When you add something from a 3rd party site using Javascript, you are essentially bringing their code into your site... and browsers will run that as part the site itself. 

The result is that if the 3rd party makes a mistake, it can have a serious impact. This is nothing new. We have seen many examples of rouge ad code breaking sites in the past.

And 42Concepts is using HTML5+Javascript to implement several Facebook widgets ... hence when FB made the mistake, it was one the millions of sites that suddenly redirected to Facebook.

But uses iFrames instead to implement Facebook widgets, and it wasn't affected at all. And the reason for that is that iFrames is essentially a small website inside your site. And the security model around iframes means that 3rd iframes cannot modify the site that it is placed in.

Note: See update

So when something goes wrong in an iframe, only the iframe breaks. The rest of your site works just fine. 

And that's the key element here. When you include 3rd party code (javascript) into your site, you put yourself at risk. Any mistake that 3rd party makes, might have negative impact on what happens on your site.

Obviously, redirecting people to another to their own site is one worst examples I have seen of this yet... especially when it's done by Facebook. 

But this isn't about Facebook at all. How have you added the tweet button? How do you embed a tweet? What about the Pinterest Pin button? ...or even the Google+ button?

Yep, they are also included using javascript and not inside an iframe. So yesterday Facebook made a mistake that redirected half the internet. Tomorrow it might just as likely be Twitter that updates its code and accidentally redirects the internet to them. 

Mistakes happen all the time. There isn't much we can do about that. But how we implement 3rd party widgets can make a big difference.

It's all part of this discussion we have at the moment about rented versus owned. See also: Rented or Owned: Where To Focus Your Brand Content

Update It turns out that iframes are not safe from redirects bugs. See the comments. I'm sorry for the confusion!

But iframes will still prevent other bugs from manifesting itself, as the iframe cannot modify the site it is in. 
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