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Factory FMF/KTM’s Kailub Russell extended his winning streak to three-in-a-row at the fourth stop of the 13-round series, topping his teammate and closest competitor Charlie Mullins by approximately one minute in the end. However, like his other two wins this season, Russell had to work for this one.

XC1 Event Results:
Kailub Russell (KTM)
Charlie Mullins (KTM)
Josh Strang (YAM)
Andrew Delong (HSQ)
Paul Whibley (YAM)
Jordan Ashburn (YAM)
Steward Baylor (KTM)
Jason Thomas (KTM)
Ryan Sipes (KTM)
Takeshi Koikeda (HON)
*Overall National Championship Standings:
Kailub Russell (97)
Charlie Mullins (95)
Josh Strang (79)
Jordan Ashburn (65)
Paul Whibley (59)
Steward Baylor (57)
Grant Baylor (52)
Andrew Delong (48)
Ricky Russell (44)
Trevor Bollinger (44)
*Indicates that the Overall National Championship Standings will determine the 2014 National Champion.
XC2 Event Results:
Grant Baylor (KTM)
Ricky Russell (YAM)
Trevor Bollinger (HON)
Layne Michael (HON)
Jesse Groemm (KTM)
Callan May (YAM)
Sam Evans (YAM)
Shane Hufford Jr (KTM)
Jedediah Haines (YAM)
Mark Heresco Jr. (KTM)
XC2 Series Standings:
Grant Baylor (96)
Ricky Russell (93)
Trevor Bollinger (90)
Shane Hufford Jr (65)
Rory Mead (56)
Callan May (56)
Layne Michael ()
Sam Evans (51)
Chris Douglas (36)
Jesse Groemm (31)

more at:

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Congrats Russell, Mullins, Baylor, Groemm, Hufford Jr.  and Thomas!
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The KTM Enduro Factory Racing team continued their dominance in Portugal for Round 3 & 4 of the world championship at Vale de Cambra, completing two days of competition each with wins in all senior classes and all five factory riders on the podium.

Next Rounds: GP of Greece – May 10-11, 2014
Enduro World Championship Round 3/4 GP of Portugal

Standings & Results E1 after 4 of 16 rounds
1. Christophe Nambotin (FRA), KTM, 80 points (1-1)
2. Eero Remes (FIN), TM, 60 (2-2)
3. Christobal Guerrero (ESP), KTM, 60 (3-3)
4. Anthony Boissiere (FRA), Sherco, 53 (4-4)
5. Jeremy Tarroux (FRA), Sherco, 48 (5-5)
Other KTM
8. Edward Hubner (GER), KTM, 26 (8-9)
9. Rudi Moroni (ITA), KTM, 25 (10-8)

Standings & Results E2 after 4 of 16 rounds
1. Antoine Meo (FRA), KTM, 77 points (1-1)
2. Pierre Alexandre Renet (FRA), Husqvarna, 69 (2-2)
3. Johnny Aubert (FRA), Beta, 58 (4-4)
4. Alex Salvini (ITA), Honda, 51 (3-3)
5. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP), Sherco 42 (6-7)

Standings & Results E3 after 4 of 16 rounds
1. Ivan Cervantes (ESP), KTM, 80 points (1-1)
2. Matthew Phillips (AUS), KTM, 64 (2-3)
3. Matti Seistola (FIN), Sherco, 57 (4-2)
4. Matthias Bellino (FRA), Husqvarna, 51 (3-5)
5. Luis Correia (POR), Beta, 46 (9-4)
Other KTM
6. Jérémy Joly (FRA), KTM, 39 (7-6)
9. Simone Albergoni (ITA), KTM, 26 (8-7)

more at:

#ktm #ewc #enduro
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After a serious accident during a stunt riding show in summer last year, Rok Bagaros struggled to find new hope and belief. In the end he finally made his recovery and is now back on the stage of stunt riding.
There is a video upcoming, showing his struggle and way back.

#Stuntriding   #KTM  
Yes that's right ... It's time for a new video ... Tomorrow we are finally presenting my new GoPro video called #mywayback ...
Subscribers of my youtube channel will be the first ones to see it - SUBSCRIBE HERE:
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The 2014 Enduro World Championship got underway in Solsona with the GP of Catalunya this weekend, with the KTM Enduro Factory Racing team reaping a slew of victories and podiums to launch their title bids.

Enduro World Championship Round 1/2 GP of Catalunya

Standings & Results E1 after 2 of 16 rounds
1. Christophe Nambotin (FRA), KTM, 40 points (1-1)
2. Cristobal Guerrero (ESP), KTM, 30 (2-4)
3. Anthony Boissiere (FRA), Sherco, 27 (6-2)
4. Eero Remes (FIN), TM, 26 (5-3)
5. Jeremy Tarroux (FRA), Sherco, 26 (3-5)

Standings & Results E2 after 2 of 16 rounds
1. Antoine Meo (FRA), KTM, 37 points (1-2)
2. Pierre-Alexandre Renet (FRA), Husqvarna, 35 (3-1)
3. Johnny Aubert (FRA), Beta, 32 (2-3)
4. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP), Sherco, 23 (4-6)
5. Alex Salvini (ITA), Honda, 21 (6-5)

Standings & Results E3 after 2 of 16 rounds
1. Ivan Cervantes (ESP), KTM, 40 points (1-1)
2. Matthew Phillips (AUS), KTM, 32 (2-3)
3. Matti Seistola (FIN), Sherco, 27 (6-2)
4. Luis Correa (POR), Beta, 26 (4-4)
5. Mathias Bellino (FRA), Husqvarna, 25 (3-6)

more at:
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Beautiful bike
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Good luck to Red Bull KTM in Houston tonight..
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Grazie Frank per il +1,stavo pensando proprio a te,ma ci sei andato a Huston? Beato te che stai lí vicino!!!!^_^
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The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team was in action this weekend in Arco Di Trento, Italy for Round Four of the Motocross World Championship, which yielded a hard fought overall win for Jeffrey Herlings in the MX2 class and a fifth place the factory teammate Antonio Cairoli in MXGP.

Results MXGP Arco di Trento
1. Clement Desalle (BEL), Suzuki (2-1)
2. Jeremy van Horebeek (BEL), Yamaha (3-2)
3. Kevin Strijbos (BEL), Suzuki (5-3)
4. Max Nagl (GER), Honda (4-5)
5. Tony Cairoli (ITA), KTM (6-4)
Other KTM
7. Shaun Simpson (GBR), KTM (12-6)

Standings MXGP after 4 of 18 rounds
1. Cairoli KTM, 175 points
2. Desalle, 158
3. Van Horebeek, 154
4. Nagl, 144
5. Gautier Paulin (FRA), Kawasaki, 137
Other KTM
10. Simpson, 72

Manufacturer's Standings MXGP after 4 of 18 rounds
1. KTM, 175 points
2. Suzuki, 160
3. Yamaha, 154

Results MX2 Arco di Trento
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), KTM (1-2)
2. Arnaud Tonus (SUI), Kawasaki (2-3)
3. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED), Suzuki (8-1)
4. Valentin Guillod (SUI), KTM, (4-4)
5. Romain Febvre (FRA), Husqvarna (7-5)
Other KTM
6. Jordi Tixier (FRA), KTM (6-6)
9. Jose Butron (ESP), KTM (9-7)

Standings MX2 after 4 of 18 rounds
1. Tonus, 154 points
2. Coldenhoff, 148
3. Herlings, 144
4. Febvre, 126
5. Dylan Ferrandis (FRA), Kawasaki, 118
Other KTM
6. Tixier, 107
8. Butron, 100
9. Guilloid, 95

Manufacturer's Standings MX2 after 4 of 18 rounds
1. KTM, 174 points
2. Kawasaki, 172
3. Suzuki, 151

more at:
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Tony sfortunato  ma sempre il più forte!!!!
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Another podium finish for Ryan Dungey at Seattle SX!
Full race report coming soon!

Main Event Results
1. R. Villopoto
2. J. Stewart
3. R. Dungey
4. E. Tomac
5. J. Barcia
6. T. Canard
7. K. Roczen
8. A. Short
9. J. Hill
10. M. Alessi
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+Paul Wright  Yeah buddy! KTM <3 
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Winner of stage 1 - Newly signed Sam Sunderland killing it at the Desert Challenge in Abu Dhabi.
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+Fernando Suarez i ride sport quads. Bikes arn't really my thing
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HOUSTON, Texas – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ken Roczen earned 3rd overall at the fourteenth round of the Monster Energy Supercross Series held at Reliant Stadium. His teammate, Ryan Dungey, recovered from a first lap crash to finish an impressive 7th overall to salvage important points toward the championship hunt.

Results 450SX class Houston
1. Ryan Villopoto (USA), Kawasaki, 16:16.178 min (20 laps)
2. Justin Barcia (USA), Honda, +13.669 sec
3. Ken Roczen (GER), KTM, +23.248
4. Trey Canard (USA), Honda, +32.684
5. James Stewart (USA), Suzuki, +38.482
Other KTM
6. Andrew Short (USA), KTM, +39.721
7. Ryan Dungey (USA), KTM, +46.724
Standings 450SX class after 14 of 17 rounds
1. Villopoto, 293 points
2. Stewart, 248
3. Dungey, 247
4. Roczen, 235
5. Barcia, 198
Other KTM
7. Short, 181

More at:
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Admin pic :)
Got some new tires on my RC8 R. I'm rolling with the new Dunlop Sport Smart 2 that are also installed on the new 1290 Super Duke R.

Thanks to Krämer Motorcycles for the beer and the free montage :P
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looks cool
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KTM is the leading manufacturer in the field of offroad competition. As Europe's second largest motorcycle manufacturer, however, KTM offers more than merely all-terrain bikes. The model range extends on the road from the 125 Duke for newcomers to the 1190 RC8 R superbike for racers. The X-Bow extreme sports car is KTM's answer on four wheels. And the product portfolio is rounded off with high-quality PowerParts and PowerWear ranges, plus KTM Ride Orange and KTM Finance in the service sector.

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