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When humans work hard at something, they can be incredible! #inspiration   #people   #life  

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Turn down for what? #2014 #rewind

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The Art of On-Page SEO

If you are at all interested in SEO and how to optimise your content then make sure you read this now!

h/t +martin shervington & +Cyrus Shepard 
New Post: Rank Higher with On-page Topic Targeting (Illustrated)

The concepts of advanced on-page SEO can be dizzying: LDA, co-occurrence, and entity salience, to name a few. The question is "How do we incorporate these techniques into our content?" The truth is, you don't need to understand complex algorithms in order to create optimized content that ranks well.

In this post we discuss:
• Keywords and relationships
• Location, Frequency and Distance of Keyword Phrases
• Links and Supplemental Content
• Entities and Schema

Full post here:

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Just a thought #thinkingoutloud

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What the Hells Angels could teach you about building a culture-first brand

The strength of a brand often reflects an organization’s cultural health. Globally, one organization offers a vivid blueprint for growing a brand through an unrivaled dedication to culture, and it isn’t a company you’ll find in the Fortune 500.  Interesting read...

#business   #culture   #branding   #hellsangels  

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The Most Important Skill of Achievers

Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese made a really GREAT video about the Most Important Skill of Achievers.

#achieve   #motivation   #skills  

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Simply had to share this! h/t +martin shervington & +Pepper Oldziey 
Have a great week PYB!
The tools we have at our fingertips allow us to find and connect with people like never before. Collaboration is just a conversation away...
Thank you +Pepper Oldziey.

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Love this! h/t +Dustin W. Stout 
“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.” -Arthur Somers Roche
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