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Dan Gershenson
Works at Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing
Attended Drake University
Lives in Chicago, IL
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Dan Gershenson

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B2B marketer? Check this out...
Latest study results for B2B social media marketing: Discover what's working for B2B marketers today and current B2B marketing trends.
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Dan Gershenson

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Do you ever wonder if there's sometimes too much advertising in one place? Like when one brand completely takes over two major Chicago train stations?
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Dan Gershenson

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Sure, Chicago has clout. But do we have global clout?
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Dan Gershenson

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The people who rally for only paid internships should be careful what they wish for.
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You offer some needed balance to this debate. We've often encouraged students to consider unpaid internships for the same reasons you raise. It is up to students to ensure the experiences they seek are substantive. And it's incumbent upon employers (not to mention ethically sound!) to provide structured learning opportunities to their interns. It really can, and should, be a win-win. Thanks for sharing this, +Dan Gershenson; I've re-shared on +Sweet Careers Consulting.
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Dan Gershenson

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3D projection technology - you've got to love it. Very cool way to open/close an event. Nicely done, +Rob Jager at Metropoly.
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Dan Gershenson

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Golden sky, golden window!!
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Dan Gershenson

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5 reasons businesses should be using Google+

1. Influence personalized search results.
2. Improve visibility for ranked content.
3. Share content via additional channels.
4. Command branded search results.
5. Protect your brand in Google Suggest.
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Dan Gershenson

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Ah, what service provider hasn't heard at least one of these....
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Dan Gershenson

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Where They Aren't

I've been less and less interested in large networks. I'm more interested in the places where people gather to create something more personal, more intimate, more connected. I'm in alleys that will become stages for a moment, and then will vanish again. I mean this in the business sense, the personal sense, and beyond.

The masses aren't the story. 1 billion isn't interesting. 100 is interesting.
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Content Marketer and Brand Strategist. Fan of Chicago sports teams, craft beer and Apple.
I'm a pain reliever for time and resource-challenged brand managers who needed Content Marketing guidance yesterday. Typically, if those people take a few doses of my content each week on behalf of their brand, they feel a whole lot better. 

Besides devising a strong brand strategy for people, I create, curate and monitor all forms of content that make sense for their brand. That means writing and producing anything from blogs and eBooks to managing/growing their community on Facebook. Some people simply need some helping setting up a better LinkedIn profile and I'm OK with that too. 

My blog is Chicago Brander. I also contribute on a weekly basis to Crain's Chicago Business.

Right now, I'm also working on getting my first book wrapped up and put out into the world. My interests include learning to play guitar better, watching my beloved Chicago Cubs/Bears/Bulls, spending time with my family and friends and generally trying to get better at my pathetically poor golf game.

Music? I'm pretty much all over the map on this -- I go from rock to country to rap and back again. U2, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Kanye West, Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban....see what I mean?

I love watching series TV on DVR because there are no commercials. Love the show "Raising Hope" and "White Collar."

"Good To Great" by Jim Collins is my favorite book so far on business-related things...a fascinating look at how companies have transformed themselves. For non-business things, I love the suspense novels of James Patterson.

Bragging rights
I'm pretty sure I can name every player from the '85 Chicago Bears. Or at least the ones who did the Super Bowl Shuffle.
  • Drake University
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Brand Strategist. Creative Director. Social Media Planner. Copywriter.
  • Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing
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    Brand Strategist. Creative Director. Social Media Planner. Copywriter.
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