There's only one thing that I feel is not right about this app, and its the "wave to wake" feature (last option under settings > active mode, which I think is a really important feature.

Let me explain: I find the current procedure to be somewhat "obscure", as in, there's no telling whether it works by passing (thus, covering and uncovering right after) your finger over the proximity sensor once, twice, three times, and also the interval between said bypasses.

Basically, I just keep tapping the sensor until the screen lights up. Normally it'll happen by the 3rd or 4th tap, but then, its frustrating and unreliable. I know it'll work eventually, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

My suggestion: have a submenu regarding this particular feature, and allow the user to choose how this will work on their device, offering a myriad of combinations (one or multiple waves, user-set intervals between the bypasses, etc).

For example, I'd like to have the screen turn on by keeping the sensor covered for half a second then uncovering it. Or maybe ¾ of a second, to avoid accidental turn-ons. Actually this is what I've always wanted in Android, and its the closest we can get to Moto Display convenience.

Hope you find this noteworthy, because I'm sure many people would like to retire their power buttons in a reliable way.

I'm open to any questions and willing to give feedback or whatever is asked, besides coding.

Long live AcDisplay!
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