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Nexus 5's support is about to end, and this bug still remains. I'm concerned we'll be left behind with this in our hands forever, as Google doesn't fix it.

I've started yet another issue to complain about this memory leak, I'd like you guys to star it, so that we can get some attention from the big G.

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Dear Nexus 5 users,

Please contribute to this issue by starring it. Google has drove off a cliff yet again. This had been fixed in March's build, but it returned, don't ask me how.

PS: I'm posting this to general discussion, so that users of all devices can contribute too. The more stars, the better.

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I've started YET another issue on AOSP bug tracker, concerning the memory leak in System UI, that has been affecting our phones since the first Marshmallow build (MRA58K).

I ask you all to star the issue, so that we can get some attention from them.

This may be Nexus 5 specific (although I doubt it), but I'm not posting this exclusively to N5's branch, so that it'll have more visibility. Help your fellow Nexus users!

Is it just me, or is wifi turning itself off every couple minutes on 6.0.1?

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Guess I was the first in the world. :p

All I need to keep living:

- Video player (with subtitle and Chromecast support, preferably :) )
- File count of each folder
- Better "cold start" loading time
- Simple image editor (Crop, resize, mirror, rotate)
- Option to display hidden (.nomedia) folders, like QuickPic.

Then, I think there won't be much else to ask for.

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New battery for my N5. Did some cleaning too.

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My device is up for almost a month, and I suspect memory leak isn't solved.

"Interf sis" RAM usage keeps increasing non-stop. The rest is fine.
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You end a phone call, and when you take your Nexus 5 from your ear, the screen doesn't turn on by itself.

If you noticed this in MRA58K, you're not alone.

Star this issue and let's hope Google will fix this annoyance ASAP.

EDIT: There's already an issue open for this, already assigned. Make sure you all star it


I had the paid version, but now I see that it was removed from the play store. Where can we download the apk?

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