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Kit Sunde
Conquering America one dirty capitalist at a time.
Conquering America one dirty capitalist at a time.

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Check this +Cholo De Villa :D
Guerrilla marketing

Quando la pubblicità è anche arte.
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unittests is the only sane part of software development. Everything else I do just feels messy.

Writing unittests is pleasantly mundane when your brain just doesn't work anymore.

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I love the internet.
I have absolutely no idea why there's a little YouTube tab on the right hand side of Google Plus, but I clicked it and typed "bears eating pumpkins" in the box and had a pleasant experience so I guess that's OK.

It is pretty funny that this cloud backup service I signed up for that has been backing up my Facebook, Twitter et. al. and sent an email saying they are migrating to a new system and that my backups will only be available until Dec 31th 2011. I need to keep backups of my backup service in case I accidentally step away from the computer for a few weeks.

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Happy Triangles :D
Yay for another Vi Hart video!

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This is really cool, I wonder if it can do multiple floors on airports.
Today, Google Maps is entering a new frontier: mapping the indoors. As part of this morning’s launch of Google Maps 6.0 for Android, you can use your phone to see detailed floor plans of airports, malls, large stores, and other public spaces; get a more accurate location indoors; and find your way around large buildings. The familiar ‘blue dot’ can show you where you are indoors and automatically detect what floor you’re on. And it’s all seamlessly integrated into Google Maps for Android.

To watch the overview video --
To play with a demo -- visit
To read the full announcement --
To download the update from Android Market --

There is still plenty to share. Check back throughout today for lots of screenshots, more videos, and more information about indoor Google Maps and Google Maps 6.0 for Android.

I feel like I have force powers when I use the multi touch pad on my brand new Macbook air. To bad I have virtually no intuition for the OS X keyboard shortcuts so I end up feeling slow and dumb the rest of the time.
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