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Crawl Review
Hurry up and Die   From the moment I started the first round of Crawl I could tell something was going to be different. The controller (PS4) roaring the name of the monster I chose was enough to capture my attention and whet my appetite for exciting, well c...

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Silence is Deadly
Silence is Deadly   As I play through Uncharted 4, I keep asking myself the same question; "Why am I sneaking up on enemies?" it makes sense, to be stealthy, within the context of a game, but why does a game that is more focused on being Indiana Jones find ...

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Press Start to Continue
A Breathe of Fresh Air  The above line, five words, was all I could think as my conversation with the host of Press Start to Continue ended. Aside from a great conversation, insightful ways of thinking and pushing artists that they found interesting, the co...

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Thomas Szakolczay Interview
Friday!   Waking up Friday morning is my favorite feeling. Earlier in the week I had a chance to chat with Thomas Szakolczay, from Infinity Ward. However, due to the podcast coming out every Friday, I had to sit on the feeling that something I had was speci...

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Chris Avellone (Prey, Star Wars KoToR 2, Fallout NV)
   The next question.   In talking to Chris, that was a thought that plagued my mind. In covering each question, his answers were so genuinely interesting that my mind kept reeling back to "Oh my gosh, what will the next question bring out?" Much like openi...

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Ken Levine
Energy and Experience   I think the chance to chat with Ken Levine, which, was incredibly relaxing, even though his work is incredibly off-putting at times due to its engrossing atmospheres. I cannot exhaust this entire post by running down the ability Levi...

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Tyler Sigman Interview
Stress Relief   It's funny, to me, getting Tyler on the podcast as the first posted interview. It was nerve-breaking, it was stressful and most importantly, it was a fantastic time.  Why is it funny? Because stress is something he is completely comfortable ...

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Changing The Pace!
Below I will be including a podcast!  *intense music*   But, why?    Simply, I have a lot of things to say. As I have continued to read and write about the world of video games, something has become increasingly clear, to me; we are not doing something righ...

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Dishonored 2 Review
Revenge Still Solves Everything   When Dishonored came onto the scene in 2012, it breathed a breath of fresh air into world-building in games. The game allowed players to move through the world in a way that was not seen in games before it on such an excell...

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Saints Row; Gat out of Hell
Pointlessly Pleasing.    There is no point to Saints Row, Gat out of Hell. There was never a moment in the game where I felt as though my actions were progressing, changing or in any way altering any part of the game. The fun, that to be had, was over at th...
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