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Yet another fascinating "Hidden Brain" episode, this one describes how we believe data that tends to reinforce our current beliefs and discount data that is contrary to our beliefs. This is not a surprise, but the interesting stuff is about how we respond more to emotional elements versus factual. Really cool stuff.

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I just saved $60/month because there is no one on this planet who can oppose me.

Eat that, dead Kal-El.

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I'm switching from and Android to an iOS phone, not from desire, but from practicality. We'll see how it goes.

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My '06 1700 Silverado will not start. The battery checks out but the dash will not turn on. Suspecting a short somewhere, I removed my accessories but still no go. I've found that disconnecting the white connector (pictured below) causes my dash to turn on but the bike will still not start. When I connect it back up the dash goes black again and the dials return to their resting positions. I'm guessing this connector goes to the starter(?). Dunno. My next logical step is likely to follow that cable, to the left, and figure out where the hell it goes.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, folks.

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Drinking coffee, I am. It seems no one views this as odd here.

Two days near 70 degrees Fahrenheit here in southeastern Wisconsin and all the motorcycles I'm seeing are telling me I'd better buy my much needed new tires SOON so I can get out and ride!

I also learned that a lifelong friend of mine is getting back into motorcycling and buying a bike in a few days.

Getting ready for my fourth or fifth childhood (I've lost count)....

Safe riding, everybody.

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I love this. Very clever and nicely done.

Damn you, ukuleles. Most everything does sound cool on you. But damn you for making me admit it.

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Ash, how we've missed you.

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