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Carol Cavalaris
I believe in the power of beauty, nature, and animals to heal our bodies, hearts, and spirits.
I believe in the power of beauty, nature, and animals to heal our bodies, hearts, and spirits.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone
a day filled with

And thanks to all for your wonderful support of my art.
Holiday hugs, Carol

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There is a story
and you don't have to be
a hopeless romantic
to believe it's true
that on a cloudy day
when the sky and spirit
of the world was a dark
and stormy blue
rain fell in torrents
and great angry gusts of wind blew
and everyone in the world knew
that all the wishes for sunshine
would never come true
and then quite suddenly
a rainbow broke through
and the rain turned into roses
falling gently from the sky
covering mountains, and desserts,
cities and oceans, too
and so many places where roses never grew
filling umbrellas with flowers
and peoples hearts with hope
there was so much beauty
and fragrance sublime
that no one ever asked why
raindrops turned to roses
and fell from the sky
for somehow the world knew
this miracle from above
was a message of love.

Raining Roses prose by Carol Cavalaris©

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My latest floral art, featuring a dahlia in shads of blue, mauve, lavender and peach.

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Plant a heart seed
water it with
and rainbows
and watch
the love

Rainbow Heart Tree prose by Carol Cavalaris

With a little hope and lots of heart, a little tree can fill the universe with rainbows and love. This tree of hearts in a rainbow heart sky is a mixed medium artwork created with alcohol ink and digital painting. From the Organica Collection,Healing, and Rainbow Collections of art by Carol Cavalaris.

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We are approaching a beautiful time of the year in the mountains, when the aspen leaves turn vibrant autumn shades.This is an artwork I did called 'Seasons Of The Aspen', with some prose I wrote reflecting on the changes we all experience.

Each season of our lives
has its beauty
like the Aspens
we go through
and fall.

Seasons Of The Aspen prose by Carol Cavalaris

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I've been in a tropical mood lately and did another exotic floral, this time a flower with spots that reminded me of some wild jungle creature. This is a mixed medium artwork,titled Wild Bloom, created with alcohol inks and digital painting. Hope you enjoy. :o)

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Two tropic spirits
in a vibrant jungle
reminding us to enjoy and celebrate
all the beauty and colors of life.

Tropic Spirits - Toco Toucans prose by Carol Cavalaris

Two Toco toucans in a lush paradise, their colors matching a vibrant tropical flower, celebrates the beauty and spirit of the tropics. From the Beauty In Nature collection of mixed medium art by Carol Cavalaris. Tropic Spirits series also includes; Scarlet Macaws, Hyacinth Macaws, Gold and Blue Macaws, African Greys, and other Toucans.

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Sharing my latest video featuring my Fantasy Goddess Art.  A collection of mixed medium paintings paying tribute to the beauty and power of the goddess. Hope you enjoy.

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Something a bit different for all the romantic souls. A delicate pink, yellow, and cream rose, named after composer Peter Tchaikovsky, growing in a garden of music. A gentle waterfall flows from the rose, and on a petal, swan mates swim on Swan Lake. Here is the prose I wrote for the art:

There is a magical place
called Swan Lake
that can only be found
hidden deep inside
a Tchaikovsky rose
where music fills
hearts and souls
and for lucky soul mates
a forever love grows.

Swan Lake Rose prose by Carol Cavalaris

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