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A beautiful shot from my talented friend +Michael Bolognesi :)
"Double Strike" - Another image from the series of a stunning thunderstorm I was lucky enough to stumble upon after a sunset session up in Teide National Park on Tenerife Island. Thunderstorms in general are very unusual to witness in the Canary Islands. This particular night over 1700 lightning strikes were recorded.

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dene' miles

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In love with this image from the talented +Jay Patel !!
Salty Reflections, #deathvalleynationalpark , CA


Before this trip, I had been to Death Valley every year for almost 7 year, but have never quite gotten such perfect conditions at sunset at Bad Waters. There was just enough rain water to fill the salt hexagon with water, but not quite melt them all the way...and the sky was to die for. 

How was this photo created?
This is a manually blended image created using our iHDR workflow....and I used 3 stop hard GND filter as well. Composition was selected so that the salt ridge would create a leading line. To do this I had to get up close and personal with the salt ridge and use a wide angle lens. 

Enjoy & Share
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dene' miles

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Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes today!!!  It's a sunny day here in Seattle so the (cought) anniversary of my 29er is going well so far :)

This is a sunset of the Seattle skyline I took a few weeks ago.  I have literally been to this location about 48 times waiting for light like this.  I'm never a first time I get lucky with the epic light sort of a gal :)  Needless to say, this light made me swoon.  This is two images blended together.  Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!
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we should be thanking you!
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Here's a shot dedicated to +Grant Murray +Athena Carey +Patricia Davidson +Chrysta Rae .  Thanks for keeping in touch while I was away :)  And sorry for making the most annoying comeback ever.  I accidentally managed to delete my post from earlier along with my last few posts.  Amateur hour over here :)
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Lovely tonal continuity.. man i love how you take photographs...  whew!
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A breathtaking Scotland image from my buddy +Alex Mody .  LOVE! 
an Taobh Tuath, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Here is the first of a few photos from last June's awesome trip to Scotland with +Ian Plant. We were out exploring, and when I saw these awesome meanders in the wetlands, it was love at first sight. Scotland was pretty amazing, to say the least. It seems I came away with a half-dozen or so photos I am happy with, which I think was quite productive for just a nine day trip.

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dene' miles

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Love this image by the talented +Elia Locardi !!!  If you're one of the two people on g plus that hasn't seen his work, check out his page immediately for some inspirational images and words :)  Happy Monday!
Time Stands Still || Petra by Night - Jordan

For Post-processing details and camera settings visit:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to visit Petra Jordan and I can honestly say that seeing The Treasury lit up during Petra by Night was an incredible experience. It’s also one of those events that should be on every photographers bucket list. The combination of light and shadows that play on the surfaces of this ancient archeological site are simply stunning. On this particular night, I we even fortunate enough to have a mostly clear sky, which allowed me to capture some of the stars above. 

#petra   #jordan   #TravelPhotography  
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dene' miles

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Happy Monday!  Wanted to share the work of an extremely talented pnw photographer I had the pleasure of shooting with this weekend.  I'm talking him into posting more here so add him add him :))  You can find more of his stellar work here:  I present to you the talented +Jordan Ek   Hope everyone had an exceptional weekend!
The first time I went out to this waterfall it took me forever and when I finally found the waterfall it was already dark. Last week I made it out to spirit falls again and I was a bit more successful. Also, I'd like to give a big thanks to whoever put up the rope, it was very helpful.  
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One of the most unique and well done images i've seen in awhile from the creative +Floris van Breugel   I've been following his work for a few years now and he never fails to amaze.  This image of the fireflies in the Smoky Mountains is no exception.  Just wow!
I recently made a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to see the Synchronous Fireflies in action. It was an incredible experience! Many more images on my blog:

And a big thanks to for making it all possible thanks to their awesome rentals... couldn't have done this without a fast (f/1.4) lens!
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Morning light in the Palouse region of eastern WA.  Tried to add this a few weeks ago and accidentally deleted it along with 20 of my other posts I can't seem to recover.  Seriously having some blonde moments but glad to see i still have a few true friends on here :)))  Happy Tuesday guys!
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Really beautiful +dene' miles.
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Is that a great wall or are you just happy to see me?
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came back for a smile.
+dene' miles 
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I cannot say enough good things about this place & the people that work there Originally went in for a dead battery & some maintenance. They only did what was needed & were very honest. Worked with Eric & called him multiple times. He explained everything well & was very good about getting back to me. Had to contact them again about an emissions issue. Instead of taking my $$$ they told me to drive the car for a few days & the issue should resolve itself. That is exactly what happened. Would highly recommend this place to anyone.
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Best fried chicken ever. Lunch buffet is such a great deal. Only complaint is that I don't live closer.
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