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JD LeBlanc
Climber, builder
Climber, builder

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Tradition and ascents.
Do traditions matter any more, or is the completion of the ascent the only goal? After reading a Jens Larssen 8a article on old Font problems, it reminded me of the time before the internet and social media. Mountaineering: Messner and Habler did a free asc...

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Route building and FA's, Angst and thanks
FB, has seen lots of posts about projects and no red tag or such on them, and some climbers doing the projects, or at least trying hard to send them. They have noted that their was no information about the projects, so how were they to know? Well it seems t...

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What's happening to climbing in the new age of Social Media
What happened to climbing? We have in a few short years gone from
selective leading edge media coverage to this Social Media age of instant
posts, likes, instagrams …where the individual is the “selector”. Note: this is not a bitter old grumpy post, more a ...

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Is new media ruining sport climbing?
I grew into climbing during the mid 1980's. Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada, we really had limited routes to climb, and being young and keen I ventured to the infamous Smith Rocks with one of my original climbing partners. It was Smith or the "Valley...

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Shep Steiner
Shep Steiner; Climber, builder, Bow Valley Alberta, PhD. Art
History. Prof at University of Manitoba.   1993 … A wet season spring in the Bow Valley, but we did get
Bataan rocking during the chinooks of January and February … Then came late
springtime, Shep...

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Big Rock
Big Rock, Okotoks Alberta. This erratic has been a longstanding bouldering area since the 60's? Think of the Lockwood route and others. During the late 80's, the area got a lot of new school activity. Jeff Marshall had that place dialed, sending many obscur...
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