How To Install Windows 10 And Fix Black Screen Problem

Windows 10 definitely has issues and installing is one of them.  I have read many others posting by searching on google that they also have had black screen issue when trying to install windows 10.  It would hang in black screen and even waiting for an hour it would be stuck.  If you try force shutting down and rebooting, it would just make matters worse by setting up windows with NO accounts available to log in with.

I have figured out a solution to fix this.  From what I have read, it seemed like most were pointing toward microsoft driver update for their graphics card.  This was mostly for post windows 10 install.  But I was experiencing this during installation.  However, it did help me figure out a possible solution and understanding of why this may be happening.

Fellow techies will understand this.  When installing OS, microsoft likes to get update information during your installation.  It could also be that having a particular device connected while you are doing a setup changes behavior of how your application or OS installation behaves.  In this case since problem may have to do with a software update or graphics driver update, I figured to disconnect from network to prevent any updates being downloaded during install process.

How to prevent black screen:

Start your windows 10 installation like normal.

If you are launching installation from a bootable media (usb or DVD) disconnect your LAN cable from your LAN port (Network jack).
If you are however running installer application from microsoft website, keep LAN connected until it has completed the download process.

You will notice that after it reboots first time, if you have your LAN cable disconnected, it will not freeze in a black screen.  Instead you will see rotating dots letting you know it's configuring.

You will then see screen giving you chance to configure your local account.
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