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Inspire and Captivate on Social Media!
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3 Steps to Being Unforgettable on Social Media

Do you inspire and captivate your social media community?

Are your conversations dynamic, engaging and diverse?

In order to stand out online, you must earn the attention of your audience. And you must do it in a short amount of time.

So how can you build a stellar personal brand, use social media to expand your reach, and define your unique shine?

1. Develop a Consistent Look, Feel, and Message
2. Build Out a Captivating Social Profile that Converts
3. Find Your “One Thing” and Spread it Like Wildfire

Learn how!

Read it here:

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Insights Into the Semantic Web!
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Everything you wanted to know about #semanticweb  and much more.

We covered:
Semantic Web
Search Entity
Structured Data
Semantic Markup
The process itself 
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SEO Tips for eCommerce Websites from Google's Matt Cutts!
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If you have a eCommerce site with a lot of categories where items belong to more than one category, this video will tell you how it's handled by the search engine ...

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Author Rank & Google Authorship Community!
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You’re Invited! ~ Author Rank & Google Authorship Community!
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Author Rank & Google Authorship
Optimizing Author Rank and Google Authorship
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Anatomy of High-Performing Landing Pages! [Infographic]
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Creating A Well-Balanced Blog!
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A well-balanced blog, just like a well-balanced meal.  Take a look at this cool #infographic:
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Have them in circles
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Infographic About the History of Social Media!
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“Social Media is the Heart Of Internet Sites “

The term social media are used to describe internet sites in which and where people interact easily, sharing ideas, getting information and discussing about all the multiple topics in a common places and these interactions include such as Photos, Music, Videos and Multiple mix of Personal Words .

Social media appear many forms including Blogs, Forums, Game Sites, Social Networks, Social bookmarking ,Message Boards, Digital Storytelling and Scrap booking, data, content, image sharing, Video sharing, and podcast portals etc..
#Socialmedia #Socialmediamarketing #History #Internet

See here the brief infographic of social media history : 
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Is Love in the Air for your Brand?
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How to Make Your Fans and Followers Fall in Love with You
To enlarge image:

Wondering how some brands manage to build a community of die-hard followers, how some companies are outperforming others, and what is the science behind the success of these companies.

Just two factors - Relationship and Time.

Successful brands work on totally different strategies than the other folks - they understand that the key to lasting success is long-term customers, not immediate sale. They are solely putting their customer's priorities first and that is what builds a strong relationship.

The below infographic created by +MarketMeSuite shows how can you make your fan-base fall in love with your brand.

Some important highlights:

- 46 percent of people used social media outlets to help make purchase decisions, therefore absence won't make the heart grow fonder. You have to be active.

- 1 in 4 consumers who complained about products/service on Facebook expected a response within 60 minutes. So be a good listener, practice great customer service.

- Create and share quality content, almost 52% of Twitter and 47% of Facebook users used their feeds to get the latest news.

Pin it:


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Will we be seeing more animated infographics for marketing?
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Interactive Infographic - How a Handgun Works

This is an awesome piece of content. An interactive infographic on how a handgun works - content marketers, check this out.

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It's All Perspective!
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I've been thinking about making one of these for a while, I hope you enjoy.

#InternetMarketing #SEO #WhatIDo
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