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After many episodes of technical problems, today's podcast is truly awesome. Great topic, great sound, great funny and smart cohosts. Give it a listen!

Morality in games is the topic of the week, including elements from Spec Ops: The Line, Braid, Bioshock, SWTOR, and more. We also touch on the Guild Wars 2 Halloween events, talk about why real life should be more like Heavy Rain, and warn people away from destroying their marriages with Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Episode 11 is here!! We got together and talked about Mists of Pandaria, including pet battles, scenarios, and that horribly addicting farm feature. Also in this episode we smacktalk Tides of War, the new WoW novel about Jaina Proudmoore, agree that why Torchlight II is awesome even in the formidable shadow of Diablo III, and discuss why it turns out none of us are playing Guild Wars 2.

We shook it up this week and invited non-guildies to cohost! Fortunately the awesome Apple Cider (@applecidermage) and Rhyz (@meesterchristie) were on deck to help out with the fun.

Cat Context Podcast Episode 10 will be livestreamed from PAX Prime this Saturday, 2-3pm PDT on Come mock us! :)

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Guild Wars 2 officially launches tomorrow, so we sat down with some headstart Cats to get their first impressions of the game. How does it run on moderate computers? What’s new from beta? How does crafting work? What makes this game different from its predecessors? Would you pay for a subscription if one was available? Plus I get in a few skeptical questions about community because I can’t help myself.

Looking for a RIFT guild? Check out the casual superstars in Catari Honour Guard, Defiant on Deepwood!

Looking for a GW2 guild? Check out the new and awesome Malchor's Cats on the US-Yak's Bend server!

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Episode 8 lives and we're talking about Blizzard and Pandaria. Is the cinematic any good? What’s the lore behind the new main boss? (We spoil the new big bad if you don’t already know!) Also, we ask a fortune cookie about the game’s future, and discuss whether Pandaria can return WoW to previous heights. As well this week: SWTOR*’s switch to free-to-play, Liore gibbers happily about *RIFT*’s housing system, and we discuss the new *Mann vs. Machine mode in Team Fortress 2.

Episode 8 of the Cat Context Podcast will be delayed for a week because Liore was sick and lazy. That's okay though because we have three episodes coming up in the next three weeks!

August 20 - Dungeon Defenders, Day Z, other stuff.
August 27 - We're talkin' about the first 24 hours of Guild Wars 2!
September 1 - LIVE FROM PAX. Time and guests coming soon.

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This week on Cat Context we get serious about the free-to-play model! Is it actually what we consumers want? Does free-to-play make a game more or less attractive? Can the payment model support player innovation? We also talk about our experiences as newbies in League of Legends, and of course dish a bit on some of the other games we’re playing right now.

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Today on Aussie guildie Mangle will be playing more DayZ and singing folk songs. Then later at around 8pm PST, four Cats will be spending an hour Learning 2 Play Dungeon Defenders (and probably mocking each other).

Favorite us on Twitch to get an email whenever we go online!

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Last night we had 6 newbie Cats, 1 experienced Cat, and 3 bots in a guildie League of Legends showdown! Fast forward to 5:00 to see Liore get lost and die almost before the game even started. 
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