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The Great Grading Dilemma
For the last 10-ish years, I have used Standards Based Grading in my classroom. What this looks like has evolved over time, but overall, the same basic principle was at work. My classes are broken down into overarching ideas that span the entire grading per...

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A Change in the Wind
The last year or so have brought about a lot of changes for me. But the biggest one is coming up next year. Next year we are using the retirement of our other science teacher to completely restructure our science department. Our new motto is "all standards ...

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I Haven't Got It Right Yet...
My boy is a fourth grader who hates school. He's good at it, but at this point in time, he wants to "be a youtuber" when he grows up, so he doesn't really see how long division fits into his plans. In yet another conference with his teacher, she was scoldin...

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Transforming Our Parent Teacher Conferences into Something Parents Want to Attend
Many of us at the high school level know that parent teacher conferences are an exercise in futility. We have them. The doors are open. We even have cookies. But the parents are few and far between. And those few parents that do venture in are typically the...

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The Mistake Game in Reverse
As of late, my Chemistry class has been in kind of a whiteboarding rut. We are moving through Stoichiometry, so there is a lot of working of problems which results in a lot of whiteboarding of problems. This combined with the dreary winter weather makes us ...

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What the Ice Bucket Means to Me
In case you didn't know, the Ice Bucket Challenge is all about raising awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). When I asked some of my kids at school if they knew why they were participating, they mumbled something along the lines of "doing it for that can...

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A New Path to Reassessment
One of my big hurdles for the last few years has been how to go about getting kids to be able to really show that they understand a topic. There are a lot of ways to do that, but usually, what it comes down to is the kid having to show that knowledge on a q...

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Making Sense of Assessment...My Grading Philosophy
As many of you know, I have struggled to find good and valid ways to assess the kids in my classes. And if you have any twitter presence at all, you know that there has been quite possibly the most epic discussion ever held on that platform about Standards ...

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Tracie Schroeder commented on a post on Blogger.
I love this idea. I thought about having something like this posted at the beginning of class, but I like that you put it on a whiteboard in the hall way.

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Participation Ribbons
So my Chemistry class had a long discussion about grades today. I was trying to explain my position and I realized that kids don't seem to understand how someone so involved in education can not be obsessed with grades. We got pretty philosophical about wha...
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