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What a superb cool copper

Robert Atkinson

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Hi Russ.

Firstly, a big thankyou for taking the time (too many hours to count) to upload the videos. I never get bored of watching and listening. I'm in my mid-40's, and hopefully a few months away from obtaining my full Cat A licence. Quite something for me after a near-fatal motorbike accident when I was 17 and many years away from bikes.

Wherever I ride, I have your voice constantly whispering 'anticipate' and 'read the road ahead'. Just tonight I had a car pull out on me whilst I was crossing a roundabout. I would probably have been OK, but thanks to you, I'd judged what he might do well in advance and didn't have to make a snap decision. Why didn't he see me - well, you're favourite - he was chatting away on a mobile phone. Wish I'd had a head-cam on at the time!

If you'd like a suggestion or two on what to film next, could we please have some more 'off bike' advice please? It would be great to do a series on each type of clothing/safety kit, showing the range available, and why a £250 helmet is better than a £40 helmet. They both do the job (according to British Standard), so what makes one thing better than the other.

There are a lot of simple things that us NOOB's just don't know, and experienced riders take for granted, like why bikers nod to each other - bemused me when I first started riding around on the weekends! Why not do a few VLog's on that type of Biker folklore.

Thanks again - Rat
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