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Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop- Which is faster ? Great stuff !
It's both extremely fragile and bullet proof at the same time. Check out this high speed footage of a Prince Rupert's Drop destroying the bullet but then exploding when the shockwave reaches the tail.

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To the person or persons that broke into my house in Jackson GA:
Yes, you have been successful in stealing anything that might have any monetary value and many things that did not.
How did it feel to rip open that brown plastic container with Pop Pop's ashes? That gold cross and the chain with the old wedding bands on it were his. The bands represented almost 60 years of marriage. It would have been lovely for my Disabled Marine son to have them to pass on. Yes, the disabled Marine's laptop and gaming system that you took also. You most likely notice that many things were packed in boxes as you went through our things. I was keeping my son and daughter's things there for safe keeping but that did not work out did it?
The old beat up wooden box you took, did not have much of any value. The old silver pocket watch, what, worth maybe 10? 15? dollars at the pawn shop? Was my Great Grandfathers. The scrap of paper with the paw print, was the print of a well loved dog. The spent shell casing was from my father's service, the other brown plastic box you ripped open, yeah, my Dad's ashes. Those few little military medals were his also. The Marine Corp ring, not even a precious metal, was my sons. The other jewelry box was filled with costume jewelry, mostly worthless, but belonged to my daughter's grandmother. The old silver rattle was the only link we had to my husband's birthparents as he was adopted. Yes, not worth much, but representing moments in a lifetime. What did you get for these? Or did you trash them?
You took that clear orange bin with the old Nintendo systems in it. We had collected them through the years, maintained them. I kept them because of the fun we had with them. Where are they now? Did you get $15 at Gamestop?
You came back and stole my Daughter's Dolls. The Ariel doll in the beat up box was the first "collectable" doll her Daddy ever bought her. It was hard for her to understand the no play rule. The Marine Corp Barbie? Well, she went into the Marines. It would have been nice for her to be able to pass along those few memento's to her children, but no, you stole them along with her Sailor Moon toys and her Harry Potter Books. Are you stocking a second hand store, giving them as gifts, selling them on Ebay? Oh, and the Disney Snow Globes too.
The random broken jewelry and the glass beads, really? The small cache of broken watches? You took your time and took them all.
Oh those few nice diamond earrings and pendants, those were anniversary presents from my husband. As you should have noticed from you search, I did not have much fancy jewelry. Just those and a few sterling pieces. Yeah, you found them all.
The TV? Meh, it was several years old. I am glad you remember the remote. It is tough to watch a stolen TV with no remote.
You even took my old Radio Flyer wagon with the bad red spray paint and holes drilled in the bed! It was outside so I could bring in the firewood.
There is more that you took and more that I have not noticed yet. How did it make you feel to take these things? Did you think of what they might have meant to us? Did you care?
If anyone knows someone that has bragged about these things or has bought or seen someone with such things, please contact the Butts County Sheriff's Office. I am sure we are not the only people that have been "visited" by these thieves. They need to be stopped.
We did not have much of value. They took it all and even things that only had sentimental value.
Insurance? Well there is a deductible and it does not replace Pop Pop's and Grandma's wedding rings. Or My husband's and My original Silver bands. And there is that pesky deductible.
Burglar scum, you did not just take "things" that you could hock or sell. You took bits of our life. We are not rich people, never will be. Nothing will be replaced. Any money will be used for practical things like food and propane for heat. Heat, yes, it is a bit nippy in the house and without the wagon, much more difficult to bring in the wood.
Yes, I am angry and sad. We will Adapt and Overcome. So how was that Turkey you took from the freezer? Oh, and were you intending on stealing that bag of dog food too and your vehicle was full? So sorry.
I am sure that the people that did this, will never read this, but I hope that maybe someone knows something about this or it sounds familiar. Please call the Butt County Sheriff. These people do not deserve any loyalty or protection.
Oh and these guys stole a crossbow and a 22 revolver, so, yeah, they are armed also.
Thank you .

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What's unusual about this story isn't that an American oil executive is also chairman of the board of a second, joint US-Russian, oil company, nor that this company is incorporated in the Bahamas. What's unusual is that we are learning about companies which the nominee for US Secretary of State manages via leaks, rather than via disclosures.

If we are to have anything resembling an honest government, officials capable of influencing policy must not be in a position to benefit from it - which means that businessmen taking political office must divest all related holdings into a blind trust prior to taking office. Anything less than this is public corruption, plain and simple. And if nominees are being less than completely forthright about their assets, especially ones like these which are built-in conflicts of interest, then they cannot be trusted to do their jobs.

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I saw this heading into Sussex County Delaware, glad they're finally getting the word out


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+AVG Technologies  This totally looks like exactly what you shouldn't do if you're using anti-virus software. Enough with the spam notifications already, I understand you need to market your paid service, but at some point you start to become part of the problem with random pop-ups and warnings that your system may be in horrible danger if you don't install the full version

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In one universe, officer Tom sits in the coffee shop and discusses local issues with his neighbors. Meanwhile, in a parallel, evil twin universe....

#policestate. #society

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