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A Class Act and Revolutionary Dreamer
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Melanie Martinez is a TRUE artist. She evokes powerful poetic imagery about the destruction of familial relationships within her entrancing lyrics. Her voice is utterly mesmerizing and enigmatic. Melanie cleverly combines elements of innocence, cuteness, and horror. She's a genius and THAT is what remains absent in the music industry nowadays. 

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So excited that Leona Lewis has returned to the scene. She's certainly freed to transform from a songbird to a phoenix now since she's working with a new record label. And she's certainly hitting it strong up to the caliber of her earlier work. And, well.... I see that Miss Lewis has taken up a Native American look. 🌟🌟🌟

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Every word Miss Johnson sang was laced with passion and compact emotion. It's like she was a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Parts of her life: struggles, happiness and success woven into each word. Not only was this a remarkably inspiring performance, but this is the work of a TRUE singer in the likes of Whitney Houston and the other greats of our time. Well done. 🌟🌟🌟

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I invite all my closest associates and friends to JOIN this community. 

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Had a BLAST last night. The family and I went out to Royal Buffet, Hoffman Estates, IL. and we absolutely ate a full meal! :) Everything was EXCELLENT quality coming at Five Stars!. I love going out and supporting restaurants! :) 

The little mini cakes shown here were ADORABLE! They are mango&creme-flavored, coffee-chocolate-flavored, and mocha-flavored! YUMMY! :D

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End of the School Year Mixer. Okay, since this was my last day of High School, I wanted to host a mixer to thank all of you who added me today! So come on in and do converse, meet each other, and make MORE friends! More company the merrier! Have Fun! 

This is a subtle room I wrote about dreams: 

The Light of the Night

Even in darkness there is light 
Like shining stars among the night
There’s no need for a fright
For in darkness one can shine bright

Eyes gently closed, the room so mellow 
Cradled in a bed of cotton 
Certainly does good for a fellow 
Cleansed of all things rotten 

The crescent moon shines through
Translucent through the glass 
Accompanied as the breeze blew
Drifting in the form of a shaft 

It is now one ventures 
Reading the truth inside 
It is now one explores 
The thoughts they hope to confide

In the blinding dark, one is most honest 
Having no need to conceal or be modest
All desires can be expressed 
All imaginations can be professed 
No thoughts be repressed 
No exterior force to oppress 

Any world comes to life 
Like a bud blooms 
Release all strife 
Within the soul’s womb 
Tis where miracles come true 
All hopes can bear fruit 
Our deepest passions kissed
As anything can exist 

Without reality’s eye 
We can fly 

In this state of lax
One can live the climax
An answer to our plights 
Thus there is a light in the night 

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For anyone who likes Anime or foreign dramas, come here and watch dramas, films, anime discussions and discuss! :D 

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In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and performed by Mariah Carey in the English language. It is a riveting cadence of hope, inspiration, perseverance, integrity, courage, and motivation. In a world where we understand life is tough, it's wonderful to stop for a while and know that we are special for who we are, to trust in our own abilities, and to think of those who truly care deep down for us are right behind cheering on.  Accomplish your dreams! Believe in yourself! ✪
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