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Calling all Faith & Family readers/fans! I would love to have a circle of F&F peeps. Please leave a comment here to be part of the Faith & Family Google+ family!
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I am a reader of F&F in print and on-line and am thankful for all you do!
great to see F&F here on Google +. Count me in!
I was just wondering how the F&F circle will work. How do we get to it?
Daria, I think Danielle's plan is to post items specifically to those she has added to her F&F circle - it's not really a "group" like on Facebook, it's more a way of organizing information and who she (or we) publish posts to... At least that is the way I understand it right now.
Lisa is right. But the list is helpful to others as well -- you can make your own F&F circle (just click down the list & add names) to follow and connect with other "F&F types" on G+
Duh. Of course. I'm still in the process of wrapping my mind around the Twitterish aspects of G+.
Love your work at Faith and Family. Would like to keep updated :o)
I like me in, too.
Amy G
me too! :)
Count me in. Does it cost a million dollars to join? (lol)
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