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The ViOS Project
Classical. Electro-acoustic. Eclectic.
Classical. Electro-acoustic. Eclectic.

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We did it guys!!!! $15k. $6,250 more than we thought. Praise the Lord!!!

Just 9 hours remain on our Kickstarter campaign! If you'd still like to pre-order a CD, t-shirt, poster, or sticker, you have 9 more hours!!

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THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! We have raised over $12k! And there's still time to order CDs, t-shirts, and posters!

68 backers and counting! Thanks to all who pledged and have continued to support us even after we reached our goal!

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We reached our goal of $8,750 with 4 days left to spare!!!!!!

You might ask, "So is it done?"

This answer is, "Yes!!!" And also, "Not quite ..."

We now have our eyes set on our first stretch goal, which is for the establishing The ViOS Project as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. While not quite as exciting as producing an album, this is actually incredibly crucial for the long-term future of ViOS. This will allow us to seek alternative means of sustainable funding (such as grants) and will necessitate the creation of a board of directors. We look forward to both of these additions, particularly the latter, meaning extra shoulders to share the enormous workload of running The ViOS Project. Here are some things that are involved in keeping The ViOS Project alive:

– General Management
– Recruitment
– Booking
– Advertising
– Social Media
– Graphic Design
– Web Design
– Musical Compositions and Arrangements
– Recording
– Mixing
– Editing
– Mastering
– Video
– And of course, performing ;)

Up until, all these tasks are handled by only two people! Don't get us wrong, we love the mission and love doing all the work necessary to keep it alive!!! But to have a board that could help shoulder some of the responsibilities would be amazing! So what costs are needed in order to become a non-profit organization?

– $99 for Articles of Incorporation
– $400 or $850 for IRS non-profit application fee
– $350 – $1,400 for professional services to help us navigate this path to non-profit status
– Any other fees accrued from Government filing fees, banking fees, other professional services, or hidden costs (as there always are!!)

So it could be as low $850, or as much as $2,350 and above. We will just have to start down the path and see where it leads us. So let's keep up the momentum and see where it leads us! Onward and upward! Back @TheViOSProject today!

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This sexy gal, getting ready to record the first take of our new album! 4 days left to pre-order your own copy!

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Yesterday, we had still $1,500 left towards our goal. Less than 24 hrs later, we are $130 OVER our goal!! WOOO))!!!!

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Only 7 days left to show your love for ViOS on Kickstarter! Order your copy of 'LOVE' today!

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The "Advocate" framed poster for each backer that donates $250 or more ONLY on Kickstarter. This is the only opportunity to receive this exclusive, personally designed (by Julian Taylor​) poster!

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Here's a sneak peak of our new album. "I Cannot Breathe Enough of Thee" Order on Kickstarter
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