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#100w100d   Day 33: There’s only been one question weighing in my mind ever since I graduated with my open-ended New Media Publishing degree — now what?

New Media Publishing was a jack-of-all-trades major, offering a diverse range of classes to pique my interests and expand my horizons, but it wasn’t until actually having to find a job did I realize the master-of-none part that came with it.

I’ve grown and learned a lot since, but that question is still implanted deep in my mind, teasing me from time to time. A baker bakes and a designer designs, what is it that I do?

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#100w100d   "I've been in #LosAngeles for the past year and a half, but I actually grew up in the Bay Area." That's been my go-to answer whenever I meet new people, asking me where I live.

The fact is, I've never really treated LA as my home. Until now, I've spent so much time going against the grain when the matter of fact is that I've been really enjoying my time living in this non-sensical city.

So perhaps it's time I come out of my closet again, if only to trade in my hoodie for a sexy tank top.

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#100w100d  Day 31: Inspired by my friend Ryan, I began setting my alarm clock gradually earlier last week to get a better start in the morning. It’s been going well so far, as I’ve been enjoying the extra minute of peacefulness instead of the constant, chaotic stress of running behind schedule.

And to overcome the ridiculous record-breaking heatwave in LA, I’ve taken my first #ColdShower today in a very, very long time. The initial 30 seconds were tough, followed by one of the most refreshing, exhilarating feeling a person can experience. It was utterly fantastic.

Great changes often start with small beginnings.

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#100w100d   Day 30: Some time in the past two years, I’ve unknowingly but surely fallen head over heels with Hong Kong artist Ellen Loo.

Often melancholic and always elegantly arranged, her music isn’t built on catchiness but its charm will warm up to you before you even take notice. Satellite Lover can stir me up just as easily as Departure can make me waltz my night away.

I also adore what she’s trying to do. Constantly strive to improve herself and set on carving her own path, I happily look up to her for inspiration every time I get knocked down from life.

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#100w100d  Day 29: Instagram introduced video to its app today and I'm still deciding if they have officially jumped the shark or not. I mentioned on Twitter that the semi-auto play function seemed clunky and not very elegant.

Then I took a step back and realized just how seldom I use that word -- #elegant, even though it's such an crucial part of what I want my work and life to be. Beyond simply liking minimalism or paying attention to detail, elegance is ultimately what I'm striving for.

I wonder if there's even a place for elegance in today's flashy, Call-of-Duty world?

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#100w100d   Day 28: With everybody working (and networking) overtime during E3 week, my apartment was less of a quiet sanctuary and more of a Nascar pit stop. Roaming the floor by day and drinking our way deep into the night, there were hardly any time to sleep before we do it all again the next day. That is E3.

Well thank goodness for today. I woke up early and went into full reset mode. Starting with the dishes, I cleaned along the u-shaped path of my apartment and five hours later, my sanctuary is back. Ahh.

Next up, my email inbox at work.

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#100w100d  Day 27: #AnimalCrossing is a game that looks incredibly dumb on the surface, simply because you won’t understand its charming, addictive gameplay unless you play for yourself. When I showed my dad this game, he just gave me a look and shook his head.

Basically, you live in a village where your residents are animals. You fish, catch bugs, and gather fruits so you can sell them and pay off your house. That’s pretty much it.

But here I am, ten hours into happily playing this adorable game when the rest of the world is living it up in real life.

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#100w100d  Day 26: I constantly find myself in love, and not just romantically but also with the good company whom I’m ever grateful to have around me.

But above all this, there are also those who are not close to me but I simply have the utmost respect and admiration for. (Especially at +IGN.) Those who I almost have to hold myself back from fully expressing my love, because it would otherwise create a very awkward situation.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. It energizes my heart, keeps my chin up, and most of all reaffirms my belief that love wins.

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#100w100d  Day 25: To ween off Facebook, I recently decided to remove the app on my iPhone. It's only been a few days, but the itch is ever so prevalent every time I unlock my phone. Did anyone like anything? Did anyone comment on anything? I never realized how these silly numbers and strings of text could become the currency of my self-worth.

More importantly, Facebook has turned this… feeling into something so quantifiable and marketable. It's not enough to know if someone likes you, because the answer is no longer true or false, but how many.

Question is, where does it end?

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#100w100d  Day 24: It’s easy to wonder “Why is it necessary to flaunt about their sexuality?” or ask “Why can’t we have straight pride parades?”, but Pride is honestly something you have to be there to really understand it.

To me, Pride weekend isn’t just “a gay thing”. It’s a day where everyone can break free of any pre-conceived notions of who we’re supposed to be and instead celebrate who we simply are.

We spend so much time worrying, stressing, and obsessing what and how others see us, it’s important to take time to reflect and to put our pure happiness on display.
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