Wow I've seen trolls before but i found a new one that's just EPIC! There's an Epic Troll in the midst. I'm going to have to get with my Pathfinder friends to figure out how to roll up this guy as a character. Not only does he troll Dark Phoenix Publishing but he accuses everything he doesn't understand or like as being fake, thievery or he just throws a fit. My nephew doesn't even do that and he's nine. So let's see here, first he accuses Dark Phoenix of plagiarism. He can't find a single, published case of plagiarism, he's just going off of some forum where a bunch of people complain about something they've never read (read the forum, it's true, they never read the book but they're complaining about it). Cuz that makes sense. THEN, he goes on in his blog, which is just too painful to repeat here, that the newest Sourcebook is sexist and misogynistic. So wait, you feel a book about Succubi shouldn't be about sex? Hmmm... well, that's not what I got from the preview but anywho, I guess in your mind, Succubi should be about what? Nevermind that a quick Google search on Succubi gives you *wait for the drumroll* sex demons. Yup, female sex demons. The Incubus is the male counterpart. And the Sourcebook covers that, they call the Incubus, Adonis. Still, pretty cool but this guy can't wrap his mind around it. But wait, it gets better. So then, he attacks the editor of the book, because TWO people thought it was bad .TWO. We're not talking the Roman army here, not a stadium of dislike, TWO. This has to be the most unprofessional douchbag in all of douchbaggery. Please tell me this guy has no life and he gets an SSI check. Well folks, that's my rant I'm going back to Minecraft to relax because stupid people make my head hurt. 
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