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HIRL Edinburgh
Hangout In Real Life in Scotland's Capital City - An Experience not to be missed
Hangout In Real Life in Scotland's Capital City - An Experience not to be missed


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More photos of +HIRL Edinburgh!
So +HIRL Edinburgh was a complete blast and I wanted to share a few more of the photos we took....

This one I had taken for my space-cadet G+ sis +Daria Musk... And because of her love for all things space! <3

This is a picture of the Gemini space capsule built in the 1960s and now lives at the National Museum of Scotland.

Check out more information on the Museum.. and particularly this exhibit here >

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After a successful HIRL... The aftermath is shared!

An exhausted Dolidh on a hangout revealed a fair amount of sunburn from the photowalk (which was forcast as being cloudy/raining, but turned out beautiful)

She thinks it was worth it for just this once!
Here is what +Dolidh Young looks like the day after the successful completion of  +HIRL Edinburgh . 

+Dolidh Young did an amazing job for +Virtual Photo Walks™ and our friends and got this Sunburn in the process.

Here's a link to the video post:

What amazing friends will do for each other.

Thank you +Dolidh Young . No, take care of that sunburn my friend.


#VirtualPhotoWalks   #hangouts  

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HIRLing with +Fergus Martin,+Claire MacRae... and of course, it wouldn't be HIRLing without Google+ on in the background ^_^

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Stickers galore at the HIRL... 

Thank you so much Google for giving us a little gift for our attendees!
Beer and G+ at the +HIRL Edinburgh Needed it, great photowalk, that was one mouthful. Sunny in Edinburgh for a change!

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+Antonio Marques lounging in the lovely Milnes Bar during Edinburgh HIRL
In the pub with the brilliant +Antonio Marques, talking a little photography and his podcast. I'm certainly gonna watch his show much more from now! Check it and him out.

With +HIRL Edinburgh

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A beautiful photo taken by the talented +Antonio Marques on the Photowalk at the Edinburgh HIRL!

#edinburghhirl   #photowalkedinburgh   #photowalk  
Burns Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland

This one was made during a photowalk, part of the +HIRL Edinburgh 

Also there were +Dolidh Young +Andy Gray +Steven Mcvicar  and a bunch of other cool people...

The Burns Monument, built in 1830 by architect Thomas Emilton, is located in Reagent Road, close to the emblematic Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

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The mug is nearly the size of +Dolidh Young's head!!!

Not quite #buxxin ! #coffee  
Not quite #buxxin ... Although the largest cup of mocha I've ever had... with +john hitchcock and +Kai Young ^_^ @ +HIRL Edinburgh 


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Added photos to Edinburgh HIRL 2012.

A quiet start to Edinburgh HIRL today, only to be expected on a Thursday start, but we get trainloads of people tomorrow!

+Fergus Martin, +Grant Martin, +Steven Mcvicar and +Dolidh Young chilled out in Milnes Bar, hungout and had a trip over to the National Gallery of Scotland.

We're looking forward to meeting more of you tomorrow!! With photos!!
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