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Ginormous Make Up Sale!!! 100's of items to choose from.
I offer very reasonable prices and just want to reclaim my office space back, thus, need to clear this stash out. paypal is the preferred method of payment. BrandTitleCategory TEMPTU(10) ASST RETOUC...
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Wonderful nail salon offering personalized service. They remember their clients names, and the specific types of service requested. Jessica, the owner and her staff treat me like a princess, yet, I am no more significant to them than any of their other clients. I only come in once every 5-6 weeks, but when I arrive, four people are calling out, "Hello, Miss Karrie!", seat me in a massage chair and set all the buttons up for me, and on most occasions, I will have two people attending to me. One will be doing my fingernails while the other attendee is working on my pedicure. This special service is not relegated to me alone, but the other 8-12 clients who who happen to be there at any given time. It is family owned and operated, so the clients have many opportunities to get to know not only the staff, but their families as well. This makes for a very intimate environment. I playfully refer to myself as "Humpty Dumpty". I come in all "broken" (with my bitten nails down to the "quick"" and my severely calloused feet; the type of feet that podiatrists take one look at, and before they begin treating them, are mentally planning their next vacation due to the significant amount of work that they can foresee these feet requiring). When I leave US Nails, like Humpty Dumpty, they "put me back together again", and do it in the kindest way. On behalf of so many of their loyal customers, I would just like to thank US Nail and all their staff for all the wonderful service they have given over the years. Just keep doing exactly what you've been doing. Your loyal fanbase appreciates it.
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