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Sock Outfits! (part 2)

the second set of clothes! I realized that rather than making one
outfit per sock pair, I grouped up some similar color schemes instead :)
I got a little carried away with the cat prop in this one, haha. The first outfit is more casual and neutra...

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Sock Outfits! (Part 1)
So, I decided to make a few outfits inspired by socks that I received from Japan ! My friend shipped them to me while he was vacationing as a small souvenir. They're cute and pastel, so I tried to match them with light pinks and blues~ Okay I lied!! Not all...

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DIY - Decoden and Cute School Supplies!
Truth be told, I still haven't started school yet but I'm really enjoying my 3+ month summer break!! (Even though summer ended already~) My college schedule is just a little out of the norm-- I start in October. ^^ Anyway, onto the decoden inspired DIY! War...

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DIY - Lace Floral Cat Headband
I'm working on my senior project-- and I can do anything I want for it, so, with my love for fashion and being too broke to shop for pretty things all the time, I decided to make my own accessories and clothes. I even have full fashion coordinates done. Par...

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Balboa Park Sakura Festival
This is a late post of the event so I don't recall the date, but the Sakura Festival was postponed for a week because of rainy weather. So when I went, the flowers were in bloom, but not as much as the peak of the season. I'm not complaining, though. My fir...

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BOY London Sweater (eBay Review)
BOY London Sweater Yes, it's an imitation, but this is eBay and I don't expect any more~ The design looks pretty solid and considering the thickness of the fabric, it was worth $11. The color is more cream/off white. Overall, I'm happy with this~   (The ins...

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Love Cake Candy & Chocolate 3D Fake Nails (eBay Review)
 (Missing a thumbnail because I wore it out before taking pictures and lost one already, haha.)  Love Cake Candy & Chocolate 3D Strawberry Nails Pros: The rhinestones are securely glued The charms are good quality; the color doesn't scratch off or fade The ...

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It's a new year, a new start filled with things to discover and experience. I've been looking through old pictures back in 2013 and was surprised. I didn't know there were so many things that happened in one single year. And I feel like there's going to be ...

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Pacific Islander Festival~
I went to the Pacific Islander Festival (PIFA) for the first time even though it's their 19th year of hosting it. (´ε` ) The sun was the ...

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Cosplay Ideas?~
I went to AX last summer for all 4 days with my best friend, and we were so hyped to cosplay every single day!.. the only problem was that w...
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