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Stuart Pike
Self'-employed but do wildlife photography in my spare time.
Self'-employed but do wildlife photography in my spare time.

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Seaside Birding, Gibraltar Point
  This week we should've been in North Wales enjoying Starling murmurations, Choughs and maybe my first Hawfinch.Unfortunately due to my continued health problems, 3 days away and travelling so far deemed a bit unwise so instead we opted for a much closer t...

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A Waxwing End To 2016
  After swearing at Rare Bird Alert, Twitter and Facebook friends for 2 months for seeing something I hadn't , I did finally catch up with our Scandanavian visitors who always steal the show in Winter.   We were actually coming back from Scotland when I rea...

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A Lincolnshire Rookery
  This blogpost isn't about a Rookery of the feathered kind, more the blubbery kind :)   It's November and so already a month into one of the best wildlife events you can see on the East coast.The Lincolnshire coastline becomes a nursery for Grey Seals.Upwa...

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Hog CRazy!!
  You know you are losing your mind when random things pop into your head. Earlier today I was thinking about doing a blogpost on last weekends Badger Trust Conference that I attended in Hertfordshire and how I unfortunately missed a talk by Hugh Warwick, E...

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I Got The Twitches
  Okay, I'll just start by saying I am not a twitcher.I am just a regular Birder who enjoys being in the company of any of our Avian friends whether it be Goldfinches in my garden or skeins of Barnacle Geese flying in from Svalbard to Winter in the UK.  Due...

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Rats, they're not that bad are they?
  Yes, this is a quick write up about Rats.I think it's safe to say that most people's love of Nature does not extend to these highly adaptable, furry fast multipliers (in a breeding sense not Mathematics) Myself, I think they are fascinating to watch.Peopl...

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Hen Harrier Day 2016 - Peak Protest
  A year on from Goyt Valley means it's once again time for us "mithering anti's"(I prefer to call everyone who attended "Wildlife Heroes") to voice their disgust at the continued murder of our Hen Harriers and destruction of the Natural ecosystem of the mo...

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Walking For Tigers
    As most of you know Majella and myself have just completed a 10 mile walk along our local River Ancholme through Walk4Wildlife and in aid of Tiger Awareness projects.We had targeted to raise £500 and have surpassed that to our current total which stands...

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Wild In The Garden - More Moth Arrivals
  I had another couple of nights with the garden Moth trap out so will share what turned up this week.I used to do Moth trapping most nights but have not being able to due to health,weather, but due to getting the trap out more regularly recently, I have on...

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Staying Wild:Tales From The Garden Moth Trap
  After being pretty "wild-less" for a week I finally managed to get the Moth Trap put back together after its vacation in South Wales and ready for a warm July evening with a nice cloudy forecast.   So after the disappointment of watching Wales lose to Ron...
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