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From the depths of crunch-time, I emerge to share with you and all other “nodes” on the internets a wonderful tale. A tale of a game with hot multiplayer action yet, unbeknownst to most players, a fun...
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I love to have a story in games, however the trouble with most games is regardless of game play the story is simply no good. Take KZ3's story we were promised a epic, original story in which the ISA make their withdraw from the Helgast home world, what we got instead was Rambo IV... Which especially got my goat as it went entirely against the hard sci fi setting.

So as long as the story is good (and really it had better be good!), and suits the setting I might pick it up. Having cool things happen for no reason is common i video games and crushingly disappointing in my view when they could do so much more story wise!
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