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Sandra Tonkinson
Freelance Writer, Health + Wellness, Traveller
Freelance Writer, Health + Wellness, Traveller


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latest blog - 6 lessons from robin williams...i know i know... everyone has the same blog post

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so true! stop going for crumbs!
Settling for crumbs doesn't keep you fed - it keeps you starving.
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Just wrote this article on why movement makes us better people.

We sit way too much. We are so sedentary. Makes us cramped, dull, and energetically low!

Check it out. 

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What triggered this post?
When my trainer says his month-old daughter has FOMO! 

#fomo   #digitaldetox  

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Biohacking - 2014's best trend?

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Naturopath Andrea Rivers McIntyre shares ways to boost your child's immune system

Just re-reading some of the more recent posts on the Jupiter Circles blog. I don't even remember what I wrote but so relevant. Just getting back into the swing of things and posting again on the other blogs. Also added a small post at

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Here are 13 wellness tips for your kids.

What are your tips?

#wellnesstips #healthtipsforkids #kidshealth

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What's review is Dr Rankin's Mind Over Medicine:Scientific Proof we can heal ourselves"

This book is for both skeptics and believers. People tend to like to have proof, scientific proof no less.

In every field there are bad and good practitioners but somehow most people accept the drugs given to them but research and question and use disrespectful works like quack to all things herbal etc... Interesting...

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Latest over at What Therapy - book review of Dr Lissa Rankin's Mind over Medicine

Scientific proof we can heal ourselves?
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