New ADA Guidelines for Dry Mouth problems in #Lupus, #Sjogrens Syndrome, #rheumatoidarthritis, and other conditions:

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#1 If you are reading this and you get dry mouth... read on. Many people who have dry mouth do not realize how bad of a medical problem it can be and many don't bring it up to their doctor until it is too late.

Example... just today, I saw a fairly new patient to me with a new diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome (autoimmune disorder that attacks the glands of the body causing dry mouth, dry eyes, dry skin, dry ears, dry nose, etc). She confided in me that she was losing teeth due to cracked teeth and dental cavities. This is certainly related to her dry mouth from her Sjogren's. If I could have seen her a long time ago, we could have prevented it (and she is a young lady).

30% - 50% of people who have systemic lupus also have Sjogren's
50% of people who have RA have Sjogren's
Most patients with scleroderma end up with dry mouth, sicca complex

Now... the American Dental Association has come up with very important new guidelines that they recommend all dentists and patients go by in order to improve their dry mouth and decrease the chances of developing cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, and losing teeth.

Here is the link to the actual article (give it to your dentist and rheum doc if they don't have a copy):

In a nutshell... here are the most important recommendations:

- Ask your dentist for a high fluorid toothpaste that also has other remineralization agents (ClinPro 5000 is an excellent example) and brush with it twice daily

- Chew or suck on sugarless gums/mints/lozenges that contain Xylitol throughout the day

- If you continue to have any dryness at all, ask your rheumatologist to prescribe pilocarpine or cevimeline to stimulate saliva flow

- Ask your dentist if a chlorhexidine varnish/gel/rinse may be beneficial for you


by Donald Thomas, MD

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