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Catatan minggu pertama di ranah Inggeris. Ada episod ke-2, nantikan

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Memecahkan kembali tembok writer's block.

+Zayani Syazwan Zulkafli  bila pula nak buat comeback?

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Pernah dengar nama Prof. Ahmat Adam? Satu catatan seorang murid kepada lelaki kacak ini.

Dato' LCW sudah kalah ma...

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Baru lepas usya paid reviews di EarnCent, ProBlogger kata lain pula...
What I Think About Sponsored Posts

At a conference on the weekend a few people asked me about my opinion of 'Sponsored Posts' on blogs (being paid to review or write about products, services, companies on a blog).

Here's a snapshot of my opinion (which has not really changed over the years):

1. I don't do them - I've not really had need to do them and don't feel that they quite 'fit' with the type of blog that I'm running. I've also not seen a lot of them done in my main blog niche (photography) so wonder if they 'fit' with that topic.

I guess for me I do have some questions about what impact they'd have on my relationships with readers if I did them. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind but perhaps it might alter the perceived credibility/authority of the site.

2. I don't hold it against anyone who does choose to use them - I DON'T think sponsored posts are 'evil' and I wouldn't ever tell another blogger how they should monetize their site. Ultimately it's up to each blogger to decide if they accept them and in the scheme of things I don't see it as a big issue.

I do see some niches where they are more common than others and perhaps they do 'work' (for blogggers, companies and readers) better in those niches. For example I know a number of fashion and beauty bloggers who do them. They write 'product' related blogs and their readers are there to learn about new products and so sponsored posts/advertorials on those products serve a purpose (particularly if done in some of the following ways).

3. Here's how I would recommend people approach sponsored posts if they do choose to use them:

- make sure the products being reviewed/featured are relevant to your blogs topic - it serves nobody if you write about stuff that has no relevance to your readers.

- disclose the post is sponsored - in some parts of the world this is a legal requirement and I think it helps to maintain reader relationships.

- only do sponsored posts where you're allowed to share your real opinion - If you are required to write certain things and stopped from giving a full and honest review of a product I'd consider you pass on the sponsored post opportunity. Do talk about the good of a product - but be willing to highlight what you don't like too. This adds to your credibility, serves your readers and hopefully helps the brand/product you're writing about to improve.

- try to deliver as much value for your readers as you can - While you're being paid and the company being written about 'win' from a sponsored post - you can also make the post a 'win' for your readers by making the post informative and interesting. Also see if the company are willing to throw in a giveaway to deliver even more benefits to readers.

What Would You Add?

- Do you or have you done sponsored posts?
- Why/Why Not?
- What tips would you encourage those doing sponsored posts to follow?
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