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Tonight is the 4 year anniversary party for North Bar Trivia Night! Wow! It's going to be a ton of fun- we have player chosen theme rounds The Labyrinth, gems and stones and The Twilight Saga! Also- video clues from Palm Springs, special guest questions from far away, everyone's favorite category Creed vs. Nickelback and the mini-documentary A Day in the Life of A Trivia Host! And door prizes! Cool! Fun starts at 8pm! Come down a bit early for a good seat!

Hey everyone! Tonight is the second gathering on the North Bar Running, Walking and Crawling Club! We had 5 people last week- 3 folks ran about 3 miles while two heroes ran 4 and a half. Rad! Run starts at 7pm. And remember- North Bar plays every Blazer game on the big screen including tonight at 5 against those puds in Atlanta!

It's trivia night! Themes tonight are Star Wars Vehicles, Young and the Restless, Looney Tunes and Sheep. Here's a sample question: Which Looney Tunes character breaks through a bass drum at the end of most cartoons to announce to the audience "That's all folks!!"? Fun starts at 8:00pm!

North Bar is now on Google+! Let the fun begin!
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