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Davina Ngei
Freelance copywriter, content writer, and blogger at Business Broken Down
Freelance copywriter, content writer, and blogger at Business Broken Down

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Our hope for a low-carbon future lies in the hands of women entrepreneurs who can push for the adoption of renewable and sustainable sources of energy in underserved communities.

Here’s the case for women entrepreneurs in clean energy.

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Often the best questions are those that ask how they behaved in the past, because past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

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How YouTube's Ad Friendly Guidelines Punish The Wrong People!
As many are aware, Google recently changed their terms of service regarding the types of content they will allow on their video sharing platform YouTube, including their "Advertiser Friendly Guidelines" for content creators. The changes came in response to Google's recent ad fiasco, in which advertisers demanded Google clean up its platform.

As this article points out, while Google has so far done a great job throwing the YouTube platform's bad actors under the bus, including those who spread fake news, and produce videos depicting hatred and intolerance, unfortunately those changes have also brought about some unintended victims as well; including gaming channels and others who produce content with no bad intentions in mind. 

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Where Social Networking Falls Short!
This article takes a deeper look at the pros and cons of networking on the web vs. networking in person. While it's true that the social spaces of the web provide an invaluable means to communicate with others, I've also learned from experience that communication in the digital realm often presents barriers that make the relationships we build with others online less meaningful than those we build in person. 

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Has anyone heard of Mastodon? It's a new social network, similar in many ways to Twitter. It's gained tens of thousands of users over the last few days! The author of this story from Engadget states angry Twitter users have been jumping onto the platform in droves. I just set up an account there myself, and I have to say the platform is fairly simple to use.

Can't say I'll ditch Twitter, but it's definitely a promising looking platform. There's a little bit of a learning curve, as the network is hosted from many different servers. Each server is effectively another "Instance" and you can connect with users from other instances besides your own. I'm going to test it out over the next couple of days and will report back here with my findings in an updated article.

For now I encourage others to check it out. I'm honestly bored with the social choices we have, and others have angered me as well, especially Google+. Google took a really cool thing and kind of destroyed, like twice with 2 bad redesigns. While I hope Google can get their act straight, I'm still open to new possibilities. 

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Arcade Games and Interactive Storytelling Constraints
This insightful article by Ashley Taylor Anderson talks about how game developers in the 1980's managed to create captivating and immersive experiences in storytelling and the games they created, despite the daunting technological limitations they often faced. The real take away is that complexity doesn't define the experience, creativity does!

"There’s a kind of creative magic that occurs within the narrow boundaries of constraint."

Being that much of the discussion here lays in the realm of finding ways to become a better marketer, we felt this article gives great examples of how creators took something simple and made it compelling.

"Modern-day storytellers can learn some valuable lessons from these early digital pioneers about using constraints to develop powerful narratives in a much more expansive interactive landscape."

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A trustworthy business can be defined many different ways depending upon the person, business, or organization reviewing it. Here are six ways you can build trust in your business:

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From Google’s Ad Crisis, To Failed Network Redesigns, Why Google Just Doesn’t Get It! Right now, some of the worlds biggest companies, advertising firms, major media outlets, the UK Government, and even Google's own content creators on the YouTube platform are turning against them, and after 4 years of supporting a company who's never supported us, we're beginning to understand why.

We too are done supporting a company who puts profits over people, that doesn't support those who support them the most, and that doesn't care to listen unless its their personal piggy bank that's on the line.

I've come to the realization that the company who touts the slogan "Don't Be Evil", has a really hard time practicing what they preach. 
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