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Nathan Watson
Lover of a girl, writer of code, and a taker of pictures.
Lover of a girl, writer of code, and a taker of pictures.


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This is amazing technology, and operators.

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Because who is?

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The music video is finally out!!

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(1) Get the album by Smoke Signals. (2) Check out the song "All Offenses" Listen, fall in love, repeat.

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Do you hate animated GIF's? My somber visit to 9/11 Memorial

I was just looking at my vacation photos from yesterday and Google+ showed me this set which it automatically converted into an animated GIF.

I used Google Glass to shoot it, took something like seven images very quickly by pushing the camera button on top of the glass while not moving. I was just standing up. Turns out your head is a very good stable platform for photography. 

It's interesting to see the kind of vitriol that animated GIFs cause. But I like them a lot and it's one MAJOR differential from Facebook. I guess if you don't like them, Facebook is a good alternative.

But I do wish they had some controls. For instance, I wish they would only run for 15 seconds and then stop animating. 

I also wish there was a way to filter them into their own feed and get them off of the main feed. They are distracting from other content on the page. 

Anyway, onto the 9/11 Memorial. It was my first visit. I used to work at Fast Company which is located in World Trade Center 7 (my window there used to look down on the workers building these) and the memorial is stunning and going to get better once they finish off the museum (should be another year). 

It's a somber place. It's weird to feel such deep emotions 12 years later, but they are there. And are there for many many people. At the end of the tour you can visit a store where they have a video playing. A crowd just stood there watching. We are captivated by 9/11. 

If you visit the Newseum museum in Washington D.C. they have a room dedicated to 9/11. The guy who runs the Newseum told me that the dwell time is off the charts. Visitors spend about 45 minutes in that single room, which he says is an extraordinarily long period for a Washington D.C. museum.

One thing I took away from the experience: terrorism doesn't pay. Why not? Americans just rebuild bigger. It isn't lost on me that the new Freedom Tower looks like a big middle finger from New York to the folks who murdered 3,000 that day. 

I can't wait for 2015 when we'll get to go up inside the new World Trade Center. That is a fitting way to remember that day back in 2001. 

Anyway, I like the animated GIF feature here. It seems to be a better way to remember my visit here than just a photo. 

What do you think? 

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