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E. Lundbom
A swede in exile - now older than ever before!
A swede in exile - now older than ever before!

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Has anyone got any useful tips for replacing the minis from Dungeon Saga? I like the game but the minis are of really poor quality material and even the old hot water and bending standby hasn't fixed some of them. Any suggestions welcome.

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Just a bit of inspiration from the Swedish artist John Bauer, otherwise most famous for his trolls and gnomes. The pieces is entitled "Ut i vida världen", approximately "Into the great wide world".

Hi all

A call for assistance from fellow GMs here. Back story: We are playing a home brew Beyond the wall campaign and all players are ca lvl4.

In our last session my players made their way through the abandoned dwarven fort they'd found high up in the mountains. In the end they came to a vast cave with a bridge that had its middle section collapsed. They managed to bridge the chasm only to find that on the far side was a hitherto unknown dwarven city. They found it patrolled by undead and fought a very hard fight to seize the city gates. They did succeed in the end but their spellcasters have just two spells between them and three of the party members are at 10 or lower HP.
Instead of falling back they opted to spike the doors of the city gate towers so as to not waste the effort they have expended so far.

My problem is how do I NOT have the undead break down the doors to the tower and just storm them?
Admittedly the city isn't packed with them, but there are about 60 generic zombies and skeletons left plus five of the intelligent ones (inclusing a lieutenant of the campaign big bad) controlling them + a reanimated hill giant skeleton.

Should I just accept that the players have underestimated the resistance and scale it down? This was meant to be a challenge but I fear for a TPK unless they take a sneakier approach at this point. I may have failed at conveying how tough this could get but I don't want to just hand them everything either. If they had gone snooping for loot I might have let them find some healing and or magical goodies but there certainly aren't any in the city gate...
My thinking on this matter has become a little blocked so fresh perspectives please if you've got them.

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Did world generation with my players in what turned out to be a really fun session. Came home tired but full of ideas and somehow managed to misplace my notebook but not the map between my front door and my desk. Catastrophe. I have looked everywhere and cleaned the house thoroughly but no go.

Do you think I should try to recreate my notes from the map and hope for the best or should I just be honest with the group and say that we'll have to do it over?

Ah, first post it would seem. Here I was thinking I'd find a forum full of handy tips for painting the figs, playing the game and whatnot... :)

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