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Night flight on board of the ISS from Canada to South America and from Ireland to the Red Sea, crossing Central Europe
Starting at Seattle going south to Los Angeles (cloud cover), across the Atlantic and approaching Ireland from NW. Passing over France (orange Belgium at left), Central Europe, going down the boot of Italy (lightnings in the clouds). Crossing Crete and the Mediterranean, directly over the Nile river delta to the Red Sea. The flight ends just shortly before Mecca. Fascinating to watch the stars rising on the horizon, the brighter ones shining through the atmosphere. The green line is airglow (of the atmosphere) at about 70 miles above Earth.
The 395 photos were taken by the NASA astronaut Mike Fossum, aka Astro_Aggie, on Oct. 15, 2011, from 003727 GMT to 010256 GMT. Therefore, the actual duration of the flight is 25 minutes. Camera: Nikon D3S with 28 mm lens, f 3.2, exposure 1 second.
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Coolness! Hopefully the new era of Virgin Galactic (or whatever the company name is) will have success in these ventures.
thanks for sharing this new experience but every time i see things like this i become more sure we are fungi :)
may be one day we can communicate with very small unseen intelligent organism creating fungi communities and others bigger than us that cannot be recognized with eyes "to be more advanced mind "
i am crazy i know loool
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