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Oil drilling platforms or fishing vessels?
A comparison of two images taken by Don Pettit from aboard the International Space Station on March 8, 2012. Despite the different imaging positions and viewing angles it can be seen clearly that within the 2 minutes and 15 seconds between the two photos, the objects have moved in relation to each other. This is particularly obvious for the group in the square off the centre. Therefore: no doubt that these are fishing vessels, catching squids, not stationary oil drilling platforms.
The scene is located to the north of the Falkland Islands, which would be in the bottom left corner of the photos. The full view of the uncropped images shows city lights along the Argentine provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut, particularly the City of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the background.
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The lower 1 is more Beautiful.... Actual the pic itself is very beautiful..
+Nishtha Saxena When interesting objects are seen whole sequences of photos are taken, for these lights: 30 pix. The most appealing and photographically best shot is posted then. For comparisons such long sequences are perfect.
Sir Peter Caltner u must being having very superb experiences??? Will love to be a part of listening, as I have a great Interest in Space Studying...Especially STARS...
is it me or does the farthest cluster on the top right, of the top image, appear to be underwater? I can distinctly see a green haze shone between them as if they were lighting up the water around them from underneath.
+Randen Kelly All the lights are the lights of the search (attracting) spotlights directed down to the bottom of the sea. That greenish hue may come from faint clouds along the line of sight and the extreme position. In the lower half that cluster is of the same color as the other clusters.
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